Thursday, November 22, 2007


SLEEP BY 10.30 on normal, non going out days.
(actually my former goal was sleep by 11 see, but it didnt work. I slept, the earliest 11.30. So i figured your goal has to be half an hour before.)


So so. My Taekwondo coach is kinda scary.
"Shorts are not very convenient when we have to do kick and other things. You know, because you are a girl, not very good to wear short pants when you going to kick and lift legs. I am very particular about these things, so next time, you wear long pants."

And his name is JACKIE.
I wanted to ask if that was his real name, or a moniker. Yknow, stage name or something like that. Well well. You have to yell and stuff, and the first month lessons are free.

Jackie says im okay, cause im okay with yelling things. My siblings are a tad too confined to do such unrefined things, see.

I was yelling US and HUH and EH! and stuff like that.
Great fun! Imma learn some kicks. Its wayy cool.

But also, since im doing Driving Range Golf, and Tennis and Taekwondo and Track and Soon-to-be-scuba-er and maybe-swimming, i think i should have a nice balance.

If i wanna do ALL these things, somethin's gotta go, yeah?

I was thinking TV, but then i realise i wouldnt beable to do that. So i narrowed it down.
NO MORE STUPID COMEDYS. -gosh, i'll miss those-


Looka the TIME!

I recomend a song,

Go go, listen and EN-JOY.
(esp the first line)

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