Friday, November 23, 2007

Its like a BAD MOVIE.
Shes looking THROUGH ME.

Hey yo!
When i picked up the phone with a "wei wei!" My sister thought was calling her. Mei Mei sounds kinda like Wei Wei, eh?

Haha, WEI WEI is so cool.
People think they called the wrong number.

Then they kinda like repeat, "wei wei?" then you say HELLO! real loud. But its getting old so i need some new greeting. I'll think of something later.
(Maybe Moshimoshi or ALOHA!)

Having a name like mine, does have some perks. Hearing the soulful bands croon my name, ITS SWEET. Mandy-Westlife, or Mandy-Jonas Brothers, or Pin Your Wings-Copeland.

Plus, their not the boring songs with stupid lyrics. And not the Wipe-Your-Tears-Everytime-You-Hear kind. Really sweet and funny too!

Least if my husband wanna seranade me for proposal or something, he can play a whole load of PERSONALISED-SO-CALLED songs.

Way, way cool.

Today in training we play Whos Got The Biggest Facehole.

We throw Frances Sponsored Cranberries around in other people's mouths. Its fun as anything. WHOOOOEEE. Hanyu was goin like "Aiya, just reuse the ones on the floor lah, not like will go into your mouth liddat"

Gosh. 4 more days to LANGKAWI!

Sometimes, i think im the most selfish crapper ever. I get to go on holidays and i have cranberry fights, and i have sorbert and sushi anytime i want, i have a pretty green ipod and i can go for taekwondo and tennis lessons.

CRAP. Im too lucky, i wanna die.

Gee gee gee, i just feel like dying when i realise how many people suffer for me, no? YEAH. Gosh, its like, i ought to be dead.

Y'know, its not so good to have these thoughts too.
They say its a start to depression.

They those people who arent suffering from depression are probably STUCK UP, EMPATHY-LESS HOLLOW, CONSCIENCE DEAD, nothingness.

I went to reread the story in Reader's Digest, after i talked to Serlin.

Gosh, the Afghan kid stepped on a freaking LANDMINE, lost her leg, and later her father and brother in a bomb-rokcet, but finally got rescued after half a year of waiting, delayed because of the Sep 11 bombing.

While i, sit at home in a nice house, with MONEY IN MY POCKETS, wasting em playing the money away in arcades, and to pay for senseless activities like sittin in a dark rooms watching a screen with utmost intent.

Im so guilty, i should be dead just for BEING so lucky.


Good grief. I supposed we have Mr Lee Kwan Yew, our benefactor, MY KING to thanks for the society we live in right now. If not for him we'll probably be in worst states, worse than Afghanistan and Africa and such with their starving, corrupted, lives.

Good thing for the Gate man. Bill Gates, with his insurmountable loads of cash. Good thing he's a good man with a big heart.

Great man, he is.
All Hail Almighty Dollar Man.

-Newport Living. Cute is What We Aim For.

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