Monday, November 12, 2007

An intergalactic market research company is canvassing opinions on whether Planet Earth is suitable material for "first contact". What do you think?

What do i think, indeed.

I have to write a Commonwealth Essay, and this, is one of its topics. Fantastic! I have to pretend im an alien or some spacebeing-manager-thingie... which considering it all, is kinda fun.

If not that, i could advice a teenager-infested household, or talk about how important dreams are. Typical.

When i was swimming this morning, this cute-little-old-lady told me i was really dark. And considering i met her only just, its a record. Normally they wait till we're more aquainted to start commenting on my extraordinary tan.

Other than being a little ah-nnoying, 'you're-so-dark!' comments are fine by me. Im more than immune. Seriously. From when i was a leeeetle kid, i havent been hearing the end of it.

But i bet they're just jealous. So.

Its a great conversation starter, this faithful tan of mine. I can practically memorise my speech after the 'you're so dark, ah' exclamation.

It goes something like:
"No, i dont swim that much. But yes, i do other sports. I run. Y'see, i normally run during the day, and thats how i get the tan. Yeah, i run almost every other day. No, thats because they dont have the melanin overload like i do. Oh melanin? Broadly, melanin is any of the polyacetylyne, and polypprole "blacks" and "browns" or their mixed copolymers. The most common form of boilogicalmelanin is a polymer of either or both of two monomer molecules : indolequinone, and dihydroxyindole carboxylic acid. Melanin exists in the plant, animal and prostista kingdoms, where it serves as a pigment. The presence of melanin in the archaea kingdoms is an issue of ongoing debate amongst researchers in the field.

What did all that mean? I dont know myself, really. I was only pretending to be smart. To put it simply, the more melanin ya have, the browner you are.

Oh, what a tease, you think my tan is really nice? I think you're lying because it isnt, really. Its only a little, and because you were nice you shall be my friend."

I told you.

Its a GREAT convo starter.
Trust me on this.

AND YEAH, i get mixed up responses about my race too. Not as if i really bother very mu.... WELL A LITTLE... IM CHINESE FOR GOODNESS SAKE.

Ah well.
I shall go find inspiration on how 'Planet Earth' is a great place to make 'First Contact'.


-Beverly Hills. Weezer.

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