Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Went bra shoppin for my sister.

It was kinda boring, cause she took kinda long to try on the bras. So went around exploring the different kinda bras. I musta looked like a first class pervert, cause i was touching all the bras. BUT I WASNT BEINGGG.

The material of undies are the bestest. They are so silky and smooth and comfy. And expensive as anything.

Gosh, this is so inappropriate.

But the beautiful undecently under-dressed underwear models are all too full and plush, and gorgeous, like goddesess. Being there for too long takes a toll on your ego. I SWEAR its a large scale conspiracy. Make you buy the stuff to look like a wind-blown beauty, and in the end you look like a bamboo with disease-ish lumps.

Or a elephant in a tutu.

It all aint fair.

Yesterday was at Safra Resort.
Fun as ever.

We watched Cartoon Network a fair bit, cause the kids there were a tad bit on the youngish and innocent side. Which doesnt really link cause they watch all the cartoon violence where teenagers called TEEN TITANS bash other cretures or people up, or where even animals like a roadrunner tries to barbeque a foxie-looking thingy.

Yeah well.
Then we go bowling, where the adults TOTALLY OWN the kids. Its crazy, i tell you. The adults are so amazing at sports. Its kinda scary.

I didnt even hit 80. It was pathetic.
But there was a cute nerdy guy about my age at the alley next to ours who wore these sweet looking specs and he was SO NICE TO HIS LITTLE BROTHER. I nearly melted. Guys who are good with kids make my heart beat like THUMPTHUMPTHUMPTHUMP.

But maybe that was because my company was too hard to connect with, the oldest being a skinny 12 year old who loves the word RAPIST.

Haha, then we played basket ball in the rain and the girls won big time, 5-1 and YAY, hooray, cause Darren's mom was a STAR SHOOTER, SWEEEEEEEEEET. She ah-mazing.

After which we played some crappy tennis, me and my mom against Darren and his mom, and Bryan and my sister on the other court. Was kinda stupid cause we kept hitting out and even over the nets and stuff.
Least it was funny, heh.

While we played, the little girls swam for 3 hours. They were like shriveled prune when we joined them.




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