Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Im tellin ya,
Kids these days are maturing too fast.
Yeah, so i might sound like some old ah-soh, but its true.

When i was 11, i thought Mary Hopkins belting out "Those Were The Days" on my father's "The Greatest Oldies 4" was the coolest thing on the Green Earth.

These days, 11 year olds know exactly what a blow job is.

If you'd asked me that when i was 11, i'd probably have said something like "its what the people in the salon do to your hair after they wash it!" Or something stupid like that.

And American kids have their hormones all out of whack too.

Like this kid at the Peter Pan drama.
She was about 6.

Girl: For my birthday, ah always wanted to go to Hollywood.

Friend: (who looked 5) Yeeeahhh! I wanna live in Beverly Hills and be a model who eats a grain of rice everyday, and pukes it out anyway. I wanna be like those sticks on TV, who backstab and scorn each other. I wanna be famous and marry a handsome, rich movie star!

Yeah. She didnt say all the Beverly Hill crap, but she did say she wanted to be FAMOUS AND MARRY A HANDSOME RICH MOVIE STAR.

Which i find absolutely unnerving, considering they are around the age where i still HAD PROBLEMS INVOLVING milk from bottles and peeing ..

But still! These kinda thoughts normally come to an average kid when they are about 12.

When i was 5, i wanted to marry a Prince, i wanted to be like the kids in Secrets of Droon who went into magical rooms and Magic Tree Houses. I wanted to kiss my elbow too see if i turned into a boy. I wanted to go camping, with rifles and guns with fantastical enchanted flutes. I wanted to be in the tent with my cookie monster and blankie.

I wanted to be happy, like a normal, 5 year old kids in Fantasy Land.

Incidentally, i had no idea what a Great Movie Star was. Neither did my mates, cause all we did all day was condition Barbie's hair, and had car races and conqured make believe villains and played "Kens who wore forever-stuck-on-beach-shorts marrying Barbies who wore forever-stuck-on-bikinis."


I'm gonna finish ALL my holiday homework by the end of this week! 'Magine the freeeeedom after that!


As long as im dreaming, i want a younger version of Leonardo Decaprio with jet black hair with a funny and happy personality to make me laugh. And marry me. And not have a divorce after a few years, because we start to piss each other off, but lovelovelove each other till we die.

As long as im dreaming, that is.

-Those Were The Days. Mary Hopkins.

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