Thursday, September 06, 2007

Word of The Day
: Tessellate
Meaning: To decorate with mosiacs

(To tell you the truth, ive always thought tesselate was to add dimensions. Blame it on Madeline L'Engle's "A Wrinkle in Time". Thus this revalation came as quite a shock. I just thought to share it with fellow Madeline L'Engle fans)

Its been a long time.

Oh well.

Some quick updates.
My breathing life has taken a turn for the worse, i have taken to scotch-taping my mouth with surgical tape so i will refrain from breathing through my mouth.

(I've read enough articles about the side effects of breathing through your mouth. Its dangerous, man.)

Sadly, it has proved unsuccessful, like seriously. I dunno why, but the tape keeps slipping off. I think my mouth is really stubborn. But then again, if you think about it, those kidnappers will have a hard time shutting me up.

Oh, yeah, i realised, you can burp with your mouth taped shut. Really really! Its super cool. There was a huge one sufacing, and i was about to rip em' off, but then i burped anyway.

SO, anyway.
This is the number 1 top excuse for coming late for work.

"I dreamt i was fired, so i didnt get up"

And this is the number one April Fool's day trick.

Customers turned up at Burger King and actually ordered a Left Handed Whopper, the new burger, entirely indentical to the orginal, cept that its condiments allegedly rotated 180 degrees to better serve left-handed consumers.

Oh yeah.
And i was doing my chinese comp, about my most treasured present. The whole thing was a pack of lies, and im not afraid to admit it.

Because our homework, out interviews, our reflection, are lies. Frankly, if we dont lie, we probably will fail all our compre reflections parts, and oral and get dissed at interviews and wont get far in life.

If a bigshot successful businessman tells me he never lied before, then i'll ask him what he is doing now.

For sure hes lied before.

But a pretty way of calling it would be

I suppose our whole life is a fabricated story, and the author is ourselves. People always say "be yourself! BE YOURSELF!"

Frankly, if it were such an easy thing to do, then everyone would do it.

Because i tell you somlemnly, our lifes is a huge act, a huge show. Its only how well you want to act, and if you want to act as the good guy, or the villain. There is no such thing as being yourself. No one knows what 'Themselves' are. They create themselves. They grow. They decide, they WRITE THEIR OWN STORY, and then go along.

You can only tell what kind of a person someone is when they are on their deathbed. People constantly change. Lifes like that.

: Practice Random Kindness and Senseless Acts of Beauty

Senseless acts of beauty spread:
A man plants dafodils along the roadway. In Seattle, a man appoints himself a one-man vigilante sanitation service and roams concrete hills collecting litter in a super market cart. In Atlanta, a man scrubs grafatti from a park bench.

You cant smile without cheering yourself up a little- likewise, you cant commit a random kindness without feeling as though your own have lessened, if only because the world has become a slightly better place.

And you cant be the recipient without feeling a shock, a plesant jolt. If you were those rush hour drivers and you found that your fare has been paid by some unknown person in front of you, who knows what you might to inspired to do for someone else?

Wave at someone on the road? Smile, and grin happily at a tired hazzled businesswoman? Or something larger? And greater? Let it spread, with a single act. Let the act be yours.

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