Monday, September 10, 2007

Im in the school computer lab right now, and Cara and very very busy playing Happy Land Adventures, collecting little happy landers, and giving a running commetary, and once in a while sighing that 'Aw, no more lives' and 'ahhr, im trapped!' and stuff like that.

Andrea sits by her side, her loyal advisor.
"You can go down there!" "Aww its okay, you can get more lives". "Calm down!"

I think Andrea would make a good mommy.

I would play Happy Land Adventures, but due to horrible tough luck, my computer is a piece of crap which cant load it. Which is why i resort to blogging with this stupid keyboard.

This stupid keyboard, is really suckky.
Why is the "@" symbol not the "@" button, but the " " " button? Can you imagine tying to type that very sentence, which i just did? How much effort i musta used.

I dont really understand what i just said.
But thats life.

So anyway, the keyboard is all stupid and hard to press, so i cant do the fast typing thingy, cause then i press too lightly, and then i miss out letters, so word become like, funny and worngish.

So i have to backspace and retype everything.

Cara has exclaimed that she has given up because she keeps fallin off the ledges.

Advisor has taken her place to play.

Schools nearly out, GOTTA RUN


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