Saturday, September 01, 2007

Hokay, cheekeeout.

Yesterday i went billard-ing. Telling ya, i suck so bad it i cant even say it. My aim is so horrible its funny. Its really bad, bad, bad to the bottom of the deep blue sea. But still, its really fun. Its kinda cool when you poke the stick around, and everything, cause ya look downright cool.

Then you lean in, and stick out your hands, and poke the ball will the stick and the satisfiying 'tok' the ball makes when they hit each other, and the best is when you hear it plonk into the hole. Which, frankly, i didnt hear very much. Not mine, anyway.

Especially when you pretend to concentrate at the stick, the whole drama of it, and the aim, and the pure precision and the tension. For me it was a huge bluff though, cause it didnt really make much of a difference, sadly.

Course, i had to miss the best part of the partt-taye. Life's unfair that way, y'see. I had to go for COP, so i couldnt do the karaoke part. The guard forgot to lock the karaoke room, and my mates went in there a sang till really late.

Which i missed. Sadly.

So anyway i took the wrong bus which brought me on a 45 min ride to somewhere across Singapore, which was all screwed up. Then i realised that it was the wrong bus, so there went another 45 mins, and and my ipod battery.

How much TIME was wasted. Gee. What a disgusting way to spend your Friday.

So anyway, i was planning to go straight to COP since i was already late, but i was wearing shorts, a bad decision, on my part. I wasnt gonna go to COP wearing shorts. So a made a trip back home, then changed record speed, and then took the shuttle to the MRT station.

Then at the Clark Quey station, i was rushing through the throngs of people, pushing at sprinting up stairs.

And see, what i dont get is why people try to squeeze their way up the escaltors when the stairs is wide enough for all of them to sprint up together. But no, them lazy people have no logic in 'em. Eat my dust, y'all.

Plus, while i was rushing, saw this Black African American man rushing the opposite way. He was rather noticeable, and other than the obvious, he was really tall. I was grinning at him because he looked is happy, and he gave me the thumbs up. Whoo! Wassaup, y'all!

African Americans are wayyy cool.

OMG, maybe he thought i was an African American?
Oh MAN! Not like i look it anyway. BUT I WOULDNT MIND! Their all so stunning.

Yeah, i think the guards at the condo thought i was some kinda pyscho terrorist. Cause i was going around taking pictures of the buildings, and they were giving me that look. It was kinda scary, i was afraid theyd call the whole army of men on me or something.

So i gave them the face. The innocent im-just-a-kid-doing-my-thing face

At Clarke Quey, there were so many tourist. Its just so nice to sit there and watch all the different kinda people. Living in Singapore does have its pros. Next time, when i have too much time on hand, i'll take a train down and go people-watching, all by myself.

Plus this July we hit the record number of tourist in Singapore, which is SO WAY ROCKIN. Cause i think different kinda people is what makes Singapore so attractive.

Oh yeah, and among the crowds, a saw a UBER HOT Korean/Jap tourist, he was seriously gorgeous. Wearing this super-unsingaporean painter's hat, with beautiful eyes and a dashing face. Omg, i could have died right there on the spot.

I felt like taking a picture of him, (the camera was right there in my hands) but then he was gone.

Just like that.

Its sad how pretty things go away so fast. *sigh*

By the way
I made you a cookie but i eated it.
-Those funny things with no nose

Hoho, cutecutecute.

-I Love it When You Call. The Feeling.

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im worse make me feel like a rummy chicken without bones .cara