Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Bill Gate's name is William Henry Gates III.

The world's most largely comsumed fruit is the mango.

Eating apples everyday reduce risk of cancer.

Naps make you happier and brighter.

Devastating is a wayy cool word.

Speaking Chinese all the time winds me up.

When adults get real mad at other adults, its kinda scary.
(And i dont mean mother-father-pissed-off-at-each-other kind of angry)

Yeah well.
Dunno why im saying all these.
It must be some form of release.

Humans nowadays are full of skepticsm.

Its kinda sad.

Oh well.

Its like, not in a good mood.
Dragging everyone down with it.

Its just all a little depressing.

But stand on the mountians, watch the sunset, go airboarding, and play in playgrounds, and wade in spings, jump in the sprinklers, and everything.

Or you could hug people, and lovelovelove yout brother with all your soul and heart and lovelovelove love so darn much, because even though hes sick hes just such a amazingly sweet boy, whos so very dear and darling to me.


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krystal the ever nice and cool :D said...

MUDDY!!!! oh man! hurry go get a tagboard:D i don't like commenting on this commenty thing :S hahah. well but your posts are all really funny!!! :DDDDD