Sunday, September 23, 2007

As an avid blogger, i believe in Birthday Blogging.

Birthday Blogging is ultimately essential.
When im old an weak and trembling in my knees, i'll read what i felt like when i was a kid. I'll read about what a Birthday meant to me in those young and glorious days.

Then i'll reminisce about my childhood, about those innocent days, while i think about how insignificant birthdays are to me now. I'll rememeber those warm happy days, when i sit on my bed with the laptop on my knobbly knees and sigh with contentment.

Maybe i'll be alone, maybe i'll be with a old wrinkled man. Haha. That'll be really funny. I cant imagine that. Perhaps i'll be great, a oldwoman who changed the world. *Grin*


Myabe we'll all be dead, though.
Maybe the scientists are all mistaken.
Myabe a flood is impending.

The world would be a piece of nothingness again.


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