Sunday, September 23, 2007

As an avid blogger, i believe in Birthday Blogging.

Birthday Blogging is ultimately essential.
When im old an weak and trembling in my knees, i'll read what i felt like when i was a kid. I'll read about what a Birthday meant to me in those young and glorious days.

Then i'll reminisce about my childhood, about those innocent days, while i think about how insignificant birthdays are to me now. I'll rememeber those warm happy days, when i sit on my bed with the laptop on my knobbly knees and sigh with contentment.

Maybe i'll be alone, maybe i'll be with a old wrinkled man. Haha. That'll be really funny. I cant imagine that. Perhaps i'll be great, a oldwoman who changed the world. *Grin*


Myabe we'll all be dead, though.
Maybe the scientists are all mistaken.
Myabe a flood is impending.

The world would be a piece of nothingness again.


Sunday, September 16, 2007

Word Of The Day
Meaning- Holy struggle in Arabic, Jihad has also been applied to offensive, aggressive warfare.

Im currently into Jihad and al-Qaeda, and terrorism stuff. Scary stuff, they things they believe. Its so freaky its quite interestingly horrifying.


Today i go to the park again, and the playground isnt that shiny, so i climb the spiderweb and meet a new cutie darling sweetie. No idea what his name is, hes Eurasian, i think, cause his mom is Chinese, but his cute little mop of hair is bleached almost blonde-white.

Hes as outright as Jonathan Michael Parker who i miss to bits, sigh. Said 'you stink' when i said "I'll reach the top b'fore ya!". Lil' monkey. Then he became nicer after i asked him how his hair got so pretty, and he told me

"do'y believe im only 5yrs old?"

Apparently, he hasnt been looking in the mirror very often.
He is tiny.

And i want my Lit book to be Twelth Night. So in love with that play. Bah. And the MTV version of Romeo and Juliet is fantastic. Lovelovelove it. Di Caprio is hot-hot. Should i say was. That version was filmed before he did Titanic.

The Leonardo DeCaprio is now alittle to old for me.
Sigh. But in those days, he was, DEVASTATINGLY BEAUTIFUL AND GORGEOUS.

And now my new fetish is Alice in Wonderland, cause the stuff the Cheshire Cat, Mad Hatter and the other characters say are surprisingly philosophical.

"Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?"
"That depends a good deal on where you want to get to," said the Cat.
"I don't much care where –" said Alice.
"Then it doesn't matter which way you go," said the Cat.

Hes so cool.

And Mad Hatter is rushing everywhere, but he is going, nowhere. Depicts people nowadays, rushing around for also, nothing very much. Due to hectic lifestyles, we dont know how to relax and enjoy.

Lewis Carroll is amazing.

In lovelovelove.
I gonna watch it again after the exams again.
Cant waaaaait.

-Over The Rainbow.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Its been ages.

My moms practicing her speech for tommorow, shes got this speech to make at the Planting Club thingy at Lbd Park. Shes Chairman or something, so shes gotta do it. I SO wanna go, i mean, planting shrubs all over the place, getting messy, muddy and so totally fun,

But ohhoh, the poor pathetic me has to go back to school, for some crazed HSK thiangey. Blurb. WHy would anyone wanna know their Chinese standard anyway? I can pay a depressionist to do that for me.

I could be rolling around in mud, yelling and screaming in the warmth of the morning sun, i can watch the beach, i can see the sea, i can give back to society and plant some trees.

*Sob Of Extream Sadness*

And i think SL hates me. Hates me hates me hates me to the core. WHAT HAVE YOU AGAINST ME. TELL ME! When did i ever offend you, oh great one. All i wanted to do was drink some water.

Im truly trying.

Lets not dwell on unplesant things.
The world is made up of so much more brighter beginnings, and glorious ends.

Dad bought a ubercool video cam, and got some ultrecool stuff for free. I mean, buy a VidCam and get a free cam stand, and a free dry store and a free DVD recorder.

Good deal.
I mean, throw in the lot, BAYBEE.

Currently in the camcorder, theres my mom making her speech and my dad making noises in the background to show his support. Like "WHOOHOOOOO. GOGOGOGO" and flashing his camera flash at her for effect.

And theres the video of the last time we went to the park. I looked like crap. Having your swing-style recorded is probably one of your life's most perverse moments.

Cover your eyes! Obscenities!
I was practically flying up, almost went 180 degrees and my legs were wide open. Today the camcorder. Its was kinda startling.

And i am so not melodramatic.

-Jenny. Click Five.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Bill Gate's name is William Henry Gates III.

The world's most largely comsumed fruit is the mango.

Eating apples everyday reduce risk of cancer.

Naps make you happier and brighter.

Devastating is a wayy cool word.

Speaking Chinese all the time winds me up.

When adults get real mad at other adults, its kinda scary.
(And i dont mean mother-father-pissed-off-at-each-other kind of angry)

Yeah well.
Dunno why im saying all these.
It must be some form of release.

Humans nowadays are full of skepticsm.

Its kinda sad.

Oh well.

Its like, not in a good mood.
Dragging everyone down with it.

Its just all a little depressing.

But stand on the mountians, watch the sunset, go airboarding, and play in playgrounds, and wade in spings, jump in the sprinklers, and everything.

Or you could hug people, and lovelovelove yout brother with all your soul and heart and lovelovelove love so darn much, because even though hes sick hes just such a amazingly sweet boy, whos so very dear and darling to me.


Monday, September 10, 2007

I am most disgusted.

SO the news was shocking at first, but its get really old after all this while.

Plus the rumours about she having sent the photos to Drake Bell my all-time-favourite disney star. Thats horrible too. Dont drag him into this crap, please.

S'matter of fact, i dont see the point of this HUGE HUBALOO about it. Rumours about kicking her out of the 3rd Musical, pictures that were circulated, crap about Drake, and all that.

Why do i feel so annoyed? I do.

Vanessa is a normal 18 year old teenager with raging hormones and all that, so she was feeling alittle flirtatious and a tad but horny then, but shes apologized hadnt she? Shes said sorry, in front of everyone, shes faced up to it, shes admitted it all.

Shes a brave girl. Really.
Not many teenagers now a days would do that. Most would die of shame, or just hide away inside the little hole of their house, throwing everything they did away.

Disney's "Vanessa has apologized for what was obviously a lapse in judgment. We hope she's learned a valuable lesson."

Pissed me off a whole lot.

Learned a valuable LESSON?!

Yeah, so

Its was their fault.

And cant everyone just give her a break, the poor kid must be so devastatingly embarrassed and horrified. Its disgusting how much media this has attracted.

The world is turning off its axis, new species of insects are being found everyday, cures for cancer are almost complete, global warming is imminent, and sadly, all everyone can do is spread rumours about Hudgeons.

Welcome to the world,
onward we march to our future.
Im in the school computer lab right now, and Cara and very very busy playing Happy Land Adventures, collecting little happy landers, and giving a running commetary, and once in a while sighing that 'Aw, no more lives' and 'ahhr, im trapped!' and stuff like that.

Andrea sits by her side, her loyal advisor.
"You can go down there!" "Aww its okay, you can get more lives". "Calm down!"

I think Andrea would make a good mommy.

I would play Happy Land Adventures, but due to horrible tough luck, my computer is a piece of crap which cant load it. Which is why i resort to blogging with this stupid keyboard.

This stupid keyboard, is really suckky.
Why is the "@" symbol not the "@" button, but the " " " button? Can you imagine tying to type that very sentence, which i just did? How much effort i musta used.

I dont really understand what i just said.
But thats life.

So anyway, the keyboard is all stupid and hard to press, so i cant do the fast typing thingy, cause then i press too lightly, and then i miss out letters, so word become like, funny and worngish.

So i have to backspace and retype everything.

Cara has exclaimed that she has given up because she keeps fallin off the ledges.

Advisor has taken her place to play.

Schools nearly out, GOTTA RUN


Saturday, September 08, 2007

School is impending.

I can feel it my bones.
Jerk jerk, jerky jerk.

And yknow when old women say my bones are getting creaky, its gonna rain soon. Its fake. And you know how they say reading in dim light destroys your eyes? Thats fake too. And you know when they say lots and lots of other things, those are fake too.

Moral of story:
Dont believe everything you hear.

So. Anyway.
My cousins come over to-day.
Its a fun day, i have tuition with Alvin, and then i have a HUGE SPREAD lunch with chicken rice and roasted duck and sotongballs, and my cousins are over. Angelica, and Diqing and Difong and Yida kor kor.

Its kinda sad cause Diqing has holidays now, hes in Poly, see. And i tried to suggest place for him to find work last week when we were at the temple, but he -VERY UNGRACIOUSLY- said they were ALL not very suitable.

Hes got a job already. No thanks to me, apparently.

Oh poo. Now he cant bring me out to get LAST YEAR'S birthday present for me which we have dragged till now. But of course, this year, hes finally got his licence. He can drive me! Which would make things alot easier.

And now thinking about it, my birthday's almost here! 16 more days. Thats seriously fast! WHOOOAA. Then we can go and get a DOUBLE present for me plus a bonus for the uberlateness of it.

Those years ago, a great number of mommies musta been really busy giving birth. This month, its Frances's, Eve's, Jennifer, and my birthday. Plus a few others.. please, you guys, if i've forgotten your birthday, tell me. IM BEGGING YOU, TELL ME.

I think its very important to remind people that your birthday is almost here. Because, you're gonna save them from inflicting self depression when they forget your birthday. WHICH is a very easy thing to do, counting on how many people they actually know.

And your not-so-good-short-term memory.

I have new FBTs by the way.
Cause my school blue ones are really furry since every single time i go biking or jogging i wear it. OMG, i havent exercised in 2 days! Im gonna grow fat and ballooooon up like a great arsed pig. ARGH.

I have never not exercised in 2 days!
Its so weird.
Its so free.

Fly birdie FLY!

And my brother doesnt dare to say 'my wife'.

Cause we were asking him what he wanted to name his kids, and he said "Pootpoot for the girl, and Patrick Starfish for the guy."

Then he said, "but then the woman might not want."


-Stand By Me.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Word of the day:
Meaning: Brashness and flamboyant

Frankly, i think i say 'frankly' alot too much.
Ohboy, and i have a theory, which is "too much of anything is not good."

Its proven.

I mean, think about it, even overload of fruits, gives ya some kinda too-much-pesticide-cancer thingy. Or veggie. Too much veggie will make your poo all green and veggie bits-ish. Granted, its not bad, but who wants green poo anyway.

My mom took leave to-day.
Morning, we went to the park to cycle and i met a new friend, called Xerxes who is the cutest thingy on earth. His small little shaved head was cute nice to touch and he was riding this quaint little bike with those two support wheels thing. Are those called tricycles?

And he goes to Marymount Kindergarten! OMG, how coincidental is THAT?! Whoa, i was bubbling away about how i am a old girl from there. And he rode so slowly that i could CRAWL faster, but it was worth it.

Me: How old are you this year?
Boy: (Proudly) Im 4!
Boy: (Sticks out 3 fingers)
Me: Thats 3 sweetie.
Boy: Oh.. yeah. I know.

His sweetness made up for everything.
Such beautiful innocence.

Then went all the way to Expo.
Book fair over there, wasnt gonna miss it.

Then i forgot to bring my clip to hold my fringe up, and my eyes were stinging, and i had no mood to look for books, because i had to keep FLIPPING my hair. And i looked liked some crazed emokid. Then after about 15 minutes of complaining, i got a brainwave of holding my hair up with my specs pushing it all up.

So the specs was on the top of my head, looking like some weird, wrong sunglasses. But then i felt so much better i didnt really care.

Got about 6 books, but not gonna read em till after exam...



I stomped on a man's foot today, in the train. The train jerked, for the about 11 time, and this time i totally lost control and fell backwards, stomping real hard on a foot behind me.

The face that looked upon me was full of loathe and disgust. Ah crud. I said was apologizing so profusely that i didnt realise that people were watching.

It was not until today did i then realise i had such cruddy balance.

Going for a church rally soon.

Quote of The Day:
-Henry Kissinger

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Word of The Day
: Tessellate
Meaning: To decorate with mosiacs

(To tell you the truth, ive always thought tesselate was to add dimensions. Blame it on Madeline L'Engle's "A Wrinkle in Time". Thus this revalation came as quite a shock. I just thought to share it with fellow Madeline L'Engle fans)

Its been a long time.

Oh well.

Some quick updates.
My breathing life has taken a turn for the worse, i have taken to scotch-taping my mouth with surgical tape so i will refrain from breathing through my mouth.

(I've read enough articles about the side effects of breathing through your mouth. Its dangerous, man.)

Sadly, it has proved unsuccessful, like seriously. I dunno why, but the tape keeps slipping off. I think my mouth is really stubborn. But then again, if you think about it, those kidnappers will have a hard time shutting me up.

Oh, yeah, i realised, you can burp with your mouth taped shut. Really really! Its super cool. There was a huge one sufacing, and i was about to rip em' off, but then i burped anyway.

SO, anyway.
This is the number 1 top excuse for coming late for work.

"I dreamt i was fired, so i didnt get up"

And this is the number one April Fool's day trick.

Customers turned up at Burger King and actually ordered a Left Handed Whopper, the new burger, entirely indentical to the orginal, cept that its condiments allegedly rotated 180 degrees to better serve left-handed consumers.

Oh yeah.
And i was doing my chinese comp, about my most treasured present. The whole thing was a pack of lies, and im not afraid to admit it.

Because our homework, out interviews, our reflection, are lies. Frankly, if we dont lie, we probably will fail all our compre reflections parts, and oral and get dissed at interviews and wont get far in life.

If a bigshot successful businessman tells me he never lied before, then i'll ask him what he is doing now.

For sure hes lied before.

But a pretty way of calling it would be

I suppose our whole life is a fabricated story, and the author is ourselves. People always say "be yourself! BE YOURSELF!"

Frankly, if it were such an easy thing to do, then everyone would do it.

Because i tell you somlemnly, our lifes is a huge act, a huge show. Its only how well you want to act, and if you want to act as the good guy, or the villain. There is no such thing as being yourself. No one knows what 'Themselves' are. They create themselves. They grow. They decide, they WRITE THEIR OWN STORY, and then go along.

You can only tell what kind of a person someone is when they are on their deathbed. People constantly change. Lifes like that.

: Practice Random Kindness and Senseless Acts of Beauty

Senseless acts of beauty spread:
A man plants dafodils along the roadway. In Seattle, a man appoints himself a one-man vigilante sanitation service and roams concrete hills collecting litter in a super market cart. In Atlanta, a man scrubs grafatti from a park bench.

You cant smile without cheering yourself up a little- likewise, you cant commit a random kindness without feeling as though your own have lessened, if only because the world has become a slightly better place.

And you cant be the recipient without feeling a shock, a plesant jolt. If you were those rush hour drivers and you found that your fare has been paid by some unknown person in front of you, who knows what you might to inspired to do for someone else?

Wave at someone on the road? Smile, and grin happily at a tired hazzled businesswoman? Or something larger? And greater? Let it spread, with a single act. Let the act be yours.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Hokay, cheekeeout.

Yesterday i went billard-ing. Telling ya, i suck so bad it i cant even say it. My aim is so horrible its funny. Its really bad, bad, bad to the bottom of the deep blue sea. But still, its really fun. Its kinda cool when you poke the stick around, and everything, cause ya look downright cool.

Then you lean in, and stick out your hands, and poke the ball will the stick and the satisfiying 'tok' the ball makes when they hit each other, and the best is when you hear it plonk into the hole. Which, frankly, i didnt hear very much. Not mine, anyway.

Especially when you pretend to concentrate at the stick, the whole drama of it, and the aim, and the pure precision and the tension. For me it was a huge bluff though, cause it didnt really make much of a difference, sadly.

Course, i had to miss the best part of the partt-taye. Life's unfair that way, y'see. I had to go for COP, so i couldnt do the karaoke part. The guard forgot to lock the karaoke room, and my mates went in there a sang till really late.

Which i missed. Sadly.

So anyway i took the wrong bus which brought me on a 45 min ride to somewhere across Singapore, which was all screwed up. Then i realised that it was the wrong bus, so there went another 45 mins, and and my ipod battery.

How much TIME was wasted. Gee. What a disgusting way to spend your Friday.

So anyway, i was planning to go straight to COP since i was already late, but i was wearing shorts, a bad decision, on my part. I wasnt gonna go to COP wearing shorts. So a made a trip back home, then changed record speed, and then took the shuttle to the MRT station.

Then at the Clark Quey station, i was rushing through the throngs of people, pushing at sprinting up stairs.

And see, what i dont get is why people try to squeeze their way up the escaltors when the stairs is wide enough for all of them to sprint up together. But no, them lazy people have no logic in 'em. Eat my dust, y'all.

Plus, while i was rushing, saw this Black African American man rushing the opposite way. He was rather noticeable, and other than the obvious, he was really tall. I was grinning at him because he looked is happy, and he gave me the thumbs up. Whoo! Wassaup, y'all!

African Americans are wayyy cool.

OMG, maybe he thought i was an African American?
Oh MAN! Not like i look it anyway. BUT I WOULDNT MIND! Their all so stunning.

Yeah, i think the guards at the condo thought i was some kinda pyscho terrorist. Cause i was going around taking pictures of the buildings, and they were giving me that look. It was kinda scary, i was afraid theyd call the whole army of men on me or something.

So i gave them the face. The innocent im-just-a-kid-doing-my-thing face

At Clarke Quey, there were so many tourist. Its just so nice to sit there and watch all the different kinda people. Living in Singapore does have its pros. Next time, when i have too much time on hand, i'll take a train down and go people-watching, all by myself.

Plus this July we hit the record number of tourist in Singapore, which is SO WAY ROCKIN. Cause i think different kinda people is what makes Singapore so attractive.

Oh yeah, and among the crowds, a saw a UBER HOT Korean/Jap tourist, he was seriously gorgeous. Wearing this super-unsingaporean painter's hat, with beautiful eyes and a dashing face. Omg, i could have died right there on the spot.

I felt like taking a picture of him, (the camera was right there in my hands) but then he was gone.

Just like that.

Its sad how pretty things go away so fast. *sigh*

By the way
I made you a cookie but i eated it.
-Those funny things with no nose

Hoho, cutecutecute.

-I Love it When You Call. The Feeling.