Friday, August 10, 2007

My life is so packed up its kinda hard to blog these days.

Its study! And camps and Alpha meets and church and Cat class and Track meetings, practice for some kind of play, or project meetings, COP meetings, and Nat Day stuff. There tuition after tuition, and school extra lessons and theres all the other things.

Theres so many movies i wanna see, so many places i wanna go, so many things i wanna do. Too Much To Do, Too Little Time! Whats a kid to do?

Oh, yeah. I wanna go see Rush Hour 3 so bad, i can feel my body yearning for it. Like really really, but i have no time. No time no time no time. Hoho, lets all squash everything together, rushrushrushrush through everything, no time to enjoy! Ive got things to do!

Rush rush rush rush around the world, around the house, rush through your work, rush through you fun, rush through your life. At the end of it all? You wont rememeber a single thing. Cept for the hectic crazy rush through your whole life.

What all this mean anyway? What should we do?

Hurry in everything we do? Cause life holds so much more?

Or slow down, listen closer, look sharper, enjoy, and smell the flowers?

I dont know.

Oh well, i guess, sometimes, its better not to know.

So anyway, went for Alpha camp, was a really amazing camp. The praying over part was so great, so illuminating and special. Nothing i've felt before. And i suddenly started bawling my eyes out, and i didnt know why.

The retreat house was wayy cool, all clean and nice to be in, there was aircon and everything. The bunks were a bit of a problem though, cause every movement you made caused a screeeeech or a eeeennnchhhhh and it was horrifiyingly loud. Which also meant, that if you were the kind who slept like a twitchy monkey on ecstacy, for everyone else, it was "bye bye sleep"

Yeah, camp was really fun, cause the old people who were there too were really funny and cute. I've always loved old people who are enthu. Has always cracked me up, heh.

Yeah, then after the camp ended we went to Mandrin Hotel where Bels booked a Suite room which overlooked NDP. Bels, and her sister are alsolutely bonkey.

They were decked in heels, and Bels had hoopie earrings, with a spagstripe and a shirt, and she looked like my older sister. I told her she looked too old. Like a 19 year old. And her YOUNGER sister Amanda, was also in heels, and she looked even older than Bels.

What are they? Models? Plus they are too skinny to be real. What, when i stand next to them i look like a sloppy, unbelievely under-dressed 9 year old. I, was wearing slippers, and a black shirt with monkeys on them, with cool brown pants. Gee, least i was more comfortable.

The suite was d-d-deeeeliciously beautiful. (Plus there was valet) The room was immaculate, no cracks on the walls, no crazed TV, no toilet that smelled of crap.

The place was a haven. A HAVEN, so fresh and new and just whoa. The bathroom had this way cool shower, there water spurts from the bottom too, and you can wash your body without moving the showerhead, and the bed was all soft and comfy, and the whole room was carperted, and there was a coffeemaker, and a DVD player and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

So, instead of walking to the balcony to watch the National Day Parade, we sat inside the room watching Mr Bean sing oprah, and do stupid things. And instead of watching the HeliCopters zoom past, we watched Harry Potter fly on TV. Then de fireworks came and it was SPECTACULAR.

The view was wonderful, i felt like i could touch the sparks.

Word Of The Day
-Haute (cuisine)
Pronounced 'aut'
Meaning, -Grande cuisine, cooking of the grand restaurants and hotels of the western world.




-Click Five. Jenny.

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