Sunday, August 26, 2007

Im tellin ya, sometimes finding articles on the computer is so hard. It kills me.

Today i buy a FILA shirt with formulas on it. Its all white with math written all over, and i was thinking WHAT A STUPID LOOKING SHIRT! Then i thought,

I must have it.

Can you believe? $10! for a FILA shirt! Well, so we had to buy 3 before we could get each for 10, but all i had to do was find other people who were buying the same ones.

(Also i didnt take a plastic bag. Save the earth y'all. Really really. Else after you get married and everything, your kids will all be wiped out. )

My mom said it looked awful and everything, she said it contrasted to much with my skin. Who blunt. But i pretended it was a good thing, see. It always works. I have a new philosophy. Y'see, a person's main goal in life is to be happy.

To be completely, happy, and to attain self actualization. (Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs) To be happy, is to not be bothered when people say thing you dont like. Turn it around. So its contrasting? Innit a good thing? Contrast makes one stand out, anyway.


Hoho. Ready for takeoff.




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