Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Sorrr for the brief hiatus blogging.
(Isnt hiatus A MEGATRONICAL COOL WORD? Was reading Ser lin's blog, her english is so wow weee.)

Ohohoh, and now i pronounce sorry, as sorrr.
Cause its so much simpler to say, and it sounds the same, but you're not saying it actually. So its kinda like slurring your words but it sounds right.

Try saying sorr man. Yeah? But you haveta like, add a tinge off 'e'. It works, it does.

Back from camp, sleeping with the bugs, snuggling close with mother nature, eating with flies, semi-consious with itch. Zipline down the water hole, absail down the wooden tower. Hours of trekking up, (get this) Mount Panti, and trillions of new cheers and songs.

Yeah, camp was fun, alrighty.
I have a new cheer, and its way way cool. Ovaah the top. And there was this trainer, hes the funniest, coolest, gayest guy i've ever met. I was in sticthes, rolling around and crying with laughter.

He was doing the bimbo cheer, the one where go
: "Like go, like go, like go team go! We're the B we're the I we're the, Oh-nevermind, we're the BIIMBOS!"

Yeah? Bimotic? And that only the end. We call him, the HIMBO.

After camp i caught a cab to Festival of Praise where i had to like, pratically break my way into the entrance. There were probbaly more than a 5 hundred peopel queuing to get in, and inside was already full.

My mom said that i already had seats, but the stupid ushers said "you have to wait, girl like everybody else" Sorry sir, but i have this sudden, aching urge to PUNCH YOUR SNOBBY FACE.

I had to wait for 5 hundred people to queue for THEIR seats, when i already had mine? I didnt see why they couldnt let me just go in. I am a student for goodness sake, its not like am some lying pervert.

So my mom waited for me at the doorway of the staduim for a full half an hour, while the performance was going on, arguing with the ushers, telling them that "My daughter is down there? WHY cant i go get her and come back?"

They say, "You go, and you cant come back mam."

Then, after 45 mins, she got pissed and told them, "SHOVE OFF YOU PESTS, SO IM NOT COMING BACK! BLEH!"

So she didnt say that, but something along the lines.
Then finally some SWWWEEET SWEEET man saw me and i think i musta look like i was about to cry (i wasnt, i was just half-consious, dying of thirst, dog-tired from camp, and sick of standing there asking the Sorry We Have No Authority ushers for help), and got us in by a side lift barricaded by 4 lifts.

It was so cool, when he said "shes with me" and the 4 guys just stepped away.

Omg, i must marry a rich guy so he'll say that all the time, and peopel will just melt away for us to pass. BWAHAHAHAHHAA.

Heh. Okay, back to reality, and History tests. And all that.


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