Saturday, August 11, 2007


Word of the day
Pronounced- (Soo FLAY)
Meaning- Soft fluffy snack, made of egg white.

Y'see French is really in right now.
Actually, i dont really know, but French is always cool, so well.

Frankly, i dont see our hometown singlish being as sofiscicated as a 'soufflé'. Sigh. How posh it would be to say "d'accord" instead of "OKAY-LAHHHH."

Oh well.
In Reader's Digest, there was this guy who was like, living as a female all his life. He's from Nepal and everything, and although born a man, Chanda has lived as a woman all his life. He has'nt undergone as sex-change operation or anything either.

Officials were touring that part of Nepal when Chanda approached them to change his gender status. And while out identification card read either make or female, Chanda's reads "Both"

OMG, like freaky?
Which circle would you shade if you're doing like, UNSW or something? Ergh! Both? BOTH? How can you be both? Thats just so, so, so, UERGH. I would die.

'Magine if some guy asks you out, and you say, no thanks.
Then the guy goes, like "Are you gay?"
And you go "No, im both"
And the poor guy would half comprehend what you mean, and then it dawns on him. Then he RUNS AWWAAAAAAAAYYY, tripping over his feet, reeling in shock.

Heh, its actually kinda funny.

Which is worse,
1. Nails down a blackboard
2. Vomiting

Ergh, my hairs are on end thinking about nails on a blackboard. SHIVER ME TIMBERS. I hate it. The sound is so screechy, it has a certain horribleness to it. Theres like supersonic vibes when you run you nails down the blackboard.

Those vibe reach into your body and then pull all your haird up to stand on end and you have to this sudden spasm thing and AHHH. Its just crappy.

And hearing others puke make me puke. Which is why its so disgusting.

Ah barh.
I want some Christian songs. Someone, send me some.

Au Revoir! (ohr vwahr)

-Snow (hey oh). Ret Hot Chilli Peppers

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