Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Whos at the top of the world?

-I am such a horrible person-

Im i supposed to feel good when im missing class? I do. AND CHEERS TO THAT! Nats is starting tomorrow, and its all so cool. Scary almost. But somehow i feel exited. Like a little kid, WHOOHOO!

Its the thump thump feeling again, and its all nice and thumpy thumpy.

I wont be feeling so happy tomorrow, though. But i can wear my jersey, and my jacket and my trackpants. AND NOW ITS ALL MINE! I dont have to go around borrowing and then digging my brain out figuring who's lent it to me.

If i do get into the semi's, then its SAYONARA Lit Test, and its already goodbye to Chem test, so thats that.

Omg, i so wanna get into Semis.

Cara and I were whomping around, writing cards for people. Its nice to know that some people aprrecitate it. Eve-yie is the sweetest thing ever, and seconds after she writes a note back. I love 2Hope. Considering im sticking through with them till im 16, whats not to like?

Go with the flow,


and God, Bless me.

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