Monday, July 09, 2007

Competitions are like paprasites, sucking all your time away.

Anyway, today at comp we got into finals, which was quite expected anyway, even though Bobbies accidentally kicked Frances, and me and Bobbies almost passed out of the box, and Nez had some little issues with her pants.

Some relay.
But its was uber funny, cause it was so scary, till it was funny. Dont ask me what that means. I dont know.

And i see Abel (i always thought it was ABLE till he told me today) and BenSoh at the staduim too. Actually i see Abel at the staduim, and Ben in the bus. Nearly got a shock, so darn coincidental. Plus Nicholas, whos also from my Learning Lab class, is my kindergarten principal's son, who i peed on when i was a kid.

And hes also my mom's best friend's friend, which is why i say, SINGAPORE IS SO SMALL, ITS FREEEAKY.

I went to Bobbies place to swim too, cause yknow, swmming is cool and everything. Saw her brother playing the guitar and her rooms are all connected, AND ITS ALL SO COOL. We swam laps and played with her underwater frisbee and her snorkles set, and her float.

We were trying to inflate it, and it took forever, i never knew i was that weak.

We eat lime marshmellows and HEY, is that how you spell marshmellows? It looks wrong, mushmellow. Mashmelow. Gah.

We drink nothing much.

We go around in nice soft slippers.
(which is seriously very nice and soft and spongy)

Bobbies brother watches Spongebob, and Bobbies has almost every episode of Hannah Montanna and Zack and Cody in her TV. Bleaugh, no fair.


Bobbies has cool goldfish with huge blobs on their heads. They are more interesting that the horrible smelly turtle. I dont like turtles very much.

Today the sky is all nice and funny and blue and boring.

When i grow up im gonna go to the country side and live, Im gonna lie all day in grass and watch the sky, and have small little streams to see. Itll be all nature and me and niceness. No more horrible computer addiction and TV madness.

Its called PEACE.

I need to go on a holiday.

AND i need to go to sleep.
So well, good night, dear world.

-Spongebob and Patrick in The Box

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