Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Its 3 and i have nothing to talk about.

But im sure something will come up.


Oh yeah, in school, we play Yoga-Gym-Jump Around Doing Stupid Things. Its fun like anything. Jennifer can curl up into a ball till she resembles a turtle, and Serlin tries to teach us some yoga pose where you have to touch your hands or something.

And Jennifer is uberflex, for a nongymmer, she can like, do bridge, splits, and all sorts of things that hurt like crap. Like making both your feet stick behind your head. That seriously hurts.

"Okay, there are two kinds of Yoga.
-The one that hurts like crap
-The one that you look like youre sleeping.

I suggest the one where you look like youre sleeping."

Today we also have volleyball games, which should be called Serve And Win instead. The relieve teacher was kinda nice and funny and cool, but she cant take a class like us, thats for sure. But shes patient like anything.

If i were her i would have stabbed a knife into the girls who kept bouncing the volleyballs. But then again, this is not about me, so lets move on.

Im supposed to write a compo on, How I made a Difference. Frankly, i think its a horrible title. Cause, HOW I MADE A DIFFERENCE? What about those kids who never made a difference? How would they feel? I think it should be somehting like, "My Favorite Icecream Flavour" or "Why the Sky is Blue"

Something like that.
I know what to write for those topics already.

I mean, How I Made A Difference is hardly challenging. Its so, typical and corny. BUT ON THE OTHER HAND, winning would get you $600 cash or $200 popular voucher for second place or something.

But its still money!
I can get more books! Get a new phone! Buy a new ipod! Get new cds! Save for my Country Side Trip! Get new jeans! Buy a car! Get a new school bag!

It'll be so cool.

*Melts with pleasure*


How cool would it be? Argh, but this would prove a challenge. I cannot, by the life of me, think of how i made a difference. I suppose this would be very very bad, since i have lived for 14 years on this earth and-have i not made a single little impact, or difference, or maybe just a dent?

This is quite upsetting.
Reality is seting in.
I am a Not Impactfuly-ish person.
*Falls Off Chair*

Off to bathe. Hopefully, that would make a difference.


-At The Beginning

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