Thursday, July 12, 2007

Im reading Sense and Sensibilty, which Jane Austen wrote when she was 19. 19!?! Can you believe it? Its like, i dont even really get the story even though im reading it. I cannot imagine writeing the book.

Austen musta been a real cool person.

But, then, its so hard to grasp, my head is spinning. WHY is one woman called Mrs Dashwood and the other Mrs John Dashwood? CANT THEY CALL HER SOMETHING ELSE, its getting me all mixed up.

By the way, Dashwood is such a intriguing name. For example, say, Amanda Dashwood. Oh boy, does that sound elegant. Gee, wont it look amazing if its like, engraved on gold or somthing?

I mean, For a name like Amanda, -which is swear, half the world is named that- to sound interesting, DASHWOOD fits in all nice. But frankly, since im more of a fidgety-stompy-clumsy person, elegant names wont suit me any good. Cruddy.

Or maybe Burningham, which i dont think is spelled Burning-ham. Cause then i wouldnt live it down either. Like, i mean, what would people in today's immature society think up as a nickname for you? Chaotar meaty? That, sounds disgusting.


Names are a bother.

Ah, sorry for digressing.
Anyway, so i've read Pride and Prejudice, which to tell the truth, isnt as good as what i've heard. Mainly cause i really couldnt tell who was who, and who was saying what, and why this girl was mad at the guy she supposedly loved for no obvious reason.

Im gonna read Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights and Emma next.

Oh, and im half way through the Pride and Prejudice movie. Its better than the book, i have to say. Least i can catch up with the story. But seriously, Mr Darcy should have been better looking. But, too bad for him, cause when you act with Keira Knightley, you really dont look as good.

Unless you're CAPNT JACK SPARROW. Then its a different matter altogether. No one, NO ONE, looks good beside my favorite pirate.

Aw poopy, i need to find a good french movie with subtitles. Then i can go make milo and eat some butter biscuits and forget about my not getting into finals plus Harry Potter going nude. With the aircon and my ipod, it all sounds really nice and cozy and comfy.

Or *sigh* maybe i should just go do my algebra.


-Good Day. The Click Five

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