Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I realise, that blogging might be taking over my life, because the few days that i didnt, i felt so empty and defenseless and wrong.

Or maybe im just imagining things, or maybe im just PMSing.

Today, i see a old man on a motorbike, and he looks real funny and round looking and cute and weird. Then i see him lookng so i give him "The What Are You Looking At Face" and he almost falls off his bike and looks away and covers his face.

Its so funny i almost die of laughter. HAHAHAHA.

Then i see a couple in uniform embracing whilst walking. WHO THE HECK EMBRACES WHILE WALKING? Its just so wrongly difficult. Not like i've tried it or anything. This is plainly a outsiders point of veiw.

The guy had his arms around the girl from the back and the girl was holding his arms. And they were like nuzzling each other. In plain view of everyone. And they were WALKING at the same time. Big feat?

I guess not, when you're head over heels in infatuation with someone.

Notice infatuated. I dont believe in the love at first sight thing. Its just all wrong. People LEARN to love they dont LOVE at first sight. The love at first sight thing? Its INFATUATION at first sight.

Ahnyway, today have a volleyball match and guess we totally OWNED them all, no thanks to me, though. I mostly stood there and yelled. I tried to dig a incoming ball back, but it was so head-on, i ran away.

My group SO TOTALLY kicked ass. Wanying and Frances are amaaazing servers, and the rest of us just stand around and cheer. Which proves my point of our volleyball match being "Serve and Win"

Ohyeah, plus, we watched a clip about this amazing guy, whos so utterly empowered by faith, that he forgave the man who burnt him into a mass of unreconisable flesh with hardly any skin and ran away.

And in court, after the kid had grown up, charred, without fingers and toes and hair and face marred and skin uneven but INTERNALLY BEAUTIFUL, they found the truck driver who caused the accident and the fire.

And guess what the guy said?
"I wanna pray for you. Here is a prayer i made for you" And then he reads out this prayer. IN COURT! On the stand where he's expected to say something real mean to the guy who intentionally caused a fire that scarred him for life!

But it was so touching, i was crying and crying and crying and crying, and hoping and hoping that they would dry off before the lights came back on.

And now hes married to a stunning lady, whos really pretty. And i cant say how happy i am for him. Really really really happy.

And our sports trip is gonna be at some Quota Thingy place with a 4POSTER BED and a swimming pool and a resort and EVERYTHING. Its gonna be heaven. WHAAAAAAAAAAAA!HAHAHAHAHAHA!

And im KRONK!
They guy who talks squirrel! Say hello to KRONK!
Say the Kuzco cheer!

-Hinder. Better Than Me

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