Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I havent blogged in years.

But the Nats are arriving, and i figure i better pen down what im feeling on the few days before it starts. Yknow, in case they wanna make it into a book or something.

Oh blues, today has been a long day.
Free periods for Skills, and i keep waiting and waiting for Kryts and Bobbies to walk home with me, until, it turns out, that Kryts isnt coming, like the right boob she is.

Then i go home and mooch around feeling rotton and bad about myself. I do Alvins work, read a book about a girl whos stuck in a house with 7 guys, and wheedle at my brother to go biking with me. He refuses.

I have a new hobby.
Starring out of the balcony and into the top of the green, green trees. Its so green .Light green and dark green and happy green and sad green, so many greens and all so pretty. I have such a boring life that half of it is spent looking at the trees, the other, looking at clouds.

But the railings at the balcony is really low, at my waist, somewhere there. Its so scary, cause everytime i lean out, then i hear OMG AMANDA BE CAREFUL! DONT LEAN! Oh gee. Then i know if i dont listen, the grills will come real soon and there goes my hobby.

But then, all the shouting everytime i lean over the rail makes me wanna strech out and touch the clouds more. It's such a temptation, sometimes. I wanna climb right out and jump into the grass below.

No, im not suicidal.
Its just, nice to soar through the air, and, well, not die. The THUMP THUMP of your heart poping out of your chest so fast BEFORE you jump, and then when you're IN the air you cant feel anything. Its just the wind, the peace, and you.

And the screaming.(I really dont know why i do that. Its a reflex thing.)

Man, i should take up bungee.

My sisters being a real boredass walking around the house, asking me what Japs say before they eat. I told her "Itatakimas" and she went to eat.

After she eats: Issit Addidita? It is right?

Its not, i say.
They dont even sound alike.

SO i tell her again, and now shes tromping around the house going ITATAKIMAS.

Oh, bother.
And now my moms home, and my sisters being yelled at for not doing her homework. I hate it when other people get screamed at. Its so, eurgh. Really, sometimes, i wish im the one getting screamed at so i dont have to feel sorry for her.

Which doesnt really make much sense.

But most of the time i just sit there and be happy im not her.

We got a new tap thingy!

So when i bathe, i dont have to screw the knob with the blue on it, then the red on it, and screw and screw and screw. And screw and screw.
Okaaayy. Now its just sounds all, wrong.

Yeah, so when i bathe now, i can lift the whole handle, and i dont have to screw. Which makes bathing, a whole lot more enjoyable. Ahhhh, lets not hang on to this bathing subject for too long.

The book im currently reading is so confusing.
Everybody sleeps with everybody, till it gets really irirtating, boring and stupid and just, plain oooldnews.(say it the singsong way) I read romance, sure, but too much of anything, you get sick of it.

Now im on to, spys, fantasy, magic.
Its a break from cheeesy romance novels.
I've finished Alex Rider, James Bond, Series of Unfortunate Events, WHICH I HAVE TO SAY IS REALLY BORING. Nearly killed me.

Oh well.
Im off to stare out of the balcony. Its all dark and no more green to see. But then, its nice anyway. 'Least you can imagine for yourself, whats out there.

-Boys & Girls. Good Charlotte.

(Yeah, im back to normal font. Yeah, well. "Pain On The Eyes." It proves true.)

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