Thursday, July 26, 2007


300 is such a nice, big number.
Lovely lovey loveeely.

The 7 oclock show is the nicest show ever. But stupid Dinosaur is being a hugely stupid goodlooking blockhead and liking Wenya instead of the cool girl who stands on her head and gets drunk on chocolate.

I find it unbelievingly unfair how they drag people on like that, We all know, that they'll end up together, (THEY BETTER) and everything. But why do we watch it anyway? Its a huge waste of time. WHY, DO I DO SOMETHING THAT IS A WASTE OF TIME?

Its like guilty pleasure, but its just so nice to watch goodlooking people struggle with love.

Today, me and Cra and Serlin do the poster thing. We draw on the furry traslucent clothy thingy and rub till theres holes. Serlin is the coolest thing ever, she CRIES when she laughs, its so damn funny.

We were laughing an laughing and absolutely stupid things like the thunder and the Earth's Legs and all sorts of dumb things. And then Serlin started to tear and she had to take off her specs ot wipe her eyes, and it was so funny i nearly choked on my spit.'s art class was the most fun ever.

i went to the MRT station to collet my Harry Potter book from YeeYee and it was kinda amusing, cause i was freezing in the shuttle bus, and on the way back there was this uber goodlooking guy with a Harry Potter book and his balance was the worst thing ever, and he fell on me and i had to help him up cause, like, yknow, my balance is the best in the world.

Yeah right.

So well, maybe i fell on him, but it s'not my fault the bus was swerving like some mad police car on the tail of a terrorist or something. And he tried to help me up, but he couldnt cause his hands were full.

So i just grinned and said sorry sorry sorry. Plus, he kept STARING at my BoboFuntime tee. Keep looking kid, HAVE YOU NEVER SEEN A GIRL WEARING A BOBO FUNTIME SHIRT BEFORE?

Its one of my favorite shirts, cause my brother has the same one. So we match sometimes. And plus, it describes Bobo's day from the morning to his Funtime in COLOURFUL illustration and its so cute.

Oh yeah, and I GOT MY HARRY POTTER BOOK! Heh, Its so new and pretty, i cant bear to open it. Like, its the only book in my house which is creaseless and i wanna, like encase it cause it looks so fresh and clean.

The triathalon is drawing to a close, I CANT WAIT!

See ya later, alligator!

-Caillou Theme Song

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