Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I've just realised that i havent blogged in like 14 whole days and the knowledge is killing me slowly. No kidding. Just knowing that i dont have tabs on my life, that i dont have this part of my life, ITS NOT RIGHT!

By the way, did you hear? Hilton getting dragged out of the courtroom scream ITS NOT RIGHT! Its like, the hottest news these days. It kinda reveals how disgusting and sad we are, spending our lives caught up with some celeb whos comitted an ABSOLUTELY normal crime, and was punished ABSOLUTELY normally, and


And suddenly everybodys talking about it.

Its really stupid how we live our lives so caught up with other peoples crap, shit or what-ever you call it. But we do, and thats just life, innit?

And i read a book and something in there has me thinking.
"The more shit someone goes through, the better he comes out"

Its quite something, i have to say. Its true too. Looka the Hilton saga, its a standing example. See what Paris herself says after the stupid shit everyone gave her. Makes sense. It does, it does.

These days im thinking more, like alot more. I can feel my brain rotting to bits as i watch TV but i still watch TV and i wonder why. I wonder why people so stupid and do things they know will turn around and crush them one day when they've got their backs turned.

Sometimes life is so blurry and its kinda like a fog which wont lift, and whatever you do, it not going away, and you dont know where you are and how to find yourself. And sometimes, that just reeks.

Crud. Its upsetting, schools starting in 5 days.
Im not ready.

The holidays never started, i cant remember a thing. Its all one big mush, all thrown together cause i go through life too fast and not think things when i do them. The fun i have is just then. Then its over, for good cause i skip if off, and move on too horribly quick.

And the world is all too tiny. My friends know my friends and my friends friends know my cousins and i know my friends cousins, and you get my drift.

Yknow what?
I should lighten up, shouldnt i?

What i can acomplish then, what id do to push the world off balance. The worlds too boring, too depressing, too stupid, too violent, too rash. Damn it all.

Its the sorry state im in, the realization slowly taking grasp, and its in your mind. School is back, Its tests and stress and teachers and comepetitions and homework and tuitions and no more sleeping in or overseas trips, its coming, and i can see it.

I love school.
BOY do i love school.
Its fun.

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