Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I step into a drain.
I slam into a topless, sweaty jogger.
I make a biker fall.

Im using big font, cause its like, easier to read and everything. Plus, its more me, because, well. You've seen my handwriting, havent you?

Today's walk home was so beautiful. It was like, stepping into a dream.

Its the clouds, their so, so pretty. Pluffy and white and white and white, and and so so white. Then its all so blue. And the view's so nice, i want to take a picture.

But i dont, so i tilt my head through the walk home, which proves painful after series of accidents. But the skys so pretty, so i forget the sad things.

You know, i think its what they call,


Today we have slacky training, but im so tired, because we have no lessons, Ms Ros and Tan hasnt come.

We have free periods, and the girls teach me how to bend myself up, crack my back, split and that kinda thing. You CANNOT know how tiring it is.

It took us more that 20 minutes to get my back cracked, cause everyone was fussing so much, and they yelled that i had to go on my knees and RELAX my back and not hunch it all us cause then it wont crack.

So there i was with the most flexible people you can meet, twisting me up. Its a new experience for me. Gym, is fun. But you sweat like a pig, man, like a PIG.

We fantasize about Frances's admirers and how they auction her sweat while she daintily flicks it off her nose. ITS SO COOL. Cause, i dont have much of a life.

Its a Amanda thing.

No training to-morrow, no training to-morrow! Whoopeedooies for me. Its happy day.

-Speeding Cars. Imogen Heap

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