Monday, May 28, 2007

Was puking my guts out at training today.

It was disgusting.
Yknow how people get disgusted when others start to puke? Guess what, i do too. Even if its me. So i was puking andd getting disgusted and puking and puking and puking and puking until i could feel my stomach suddenly empty.

Then it was just the retching with nothing coming out until i got dizzy.

And there stood Loo, trying not to laugh, she tells me later. Thanks. "But it was so funny! You kept puking and coughing but the moment was too serious so i didnt laugh" She explains.

I was pushing too HARD. I was running at my limit, forcing my legs to go at a speed they never went before. AT THE LIMIT, man.

So my legs were all wobbly and shaky, gasping for breath like an old woman, sure i was going to die. So i run to the watercooler, drink was a beggar who hasnt drunk in months, then i start to puke.

We still had one more time left, and after the hoobaloo i felt so refreshed i wished i could run the last time. But coach said, TODAY YOU FINISH AHMUNDA. I said, Nope. Cause i had one more left.

But she ignored me, mabye cause i was speaking too soft cause i was too disgusted to move my mouth too much. GOGO STOP LOOKING, she screams at my friends. I watch them run their last as i mop up the mess.

And hey, i got into the School Team. Its quite a surprise. I thought Ms Lim hated me too much. But i guess shes okay. Ive really been trying to nottalktoomuch these says, it might be killing me. I think if i control any harder i might explode. (Yeah, that for Loos benifit. She loves it when people explode)

Its all about how hard you want it. I do wanna get into the team. I do wanna try it out. I do wanna do my best. I DO NOT want to be suspended by Ms Lim, as she threatened. It all about CONTROL and WILL POWER. Id need these two to get me through the holiday training unsuspended and alive.

Im not doing 400m sprint for Nats!
I was dreading it. My 400 sucks. Like really sucks.

I was walking home then i was at the gate but this old man was with his dog, in front of me. I am terrified of dogs, the most harmless and cutest. Sure, id admire from distance, but dont expect me to touch them.

Trust me, i have enough experiences to make me stay away from dogs bigger than your arm. So the old guy sees my horrified face and laughs. I cant hear him laugh, i have my earphones on.

Pat him, PAT HIM! Hes really friendly and nice! He tells me.

I dont wanna be rude. I stand there stricken, smiling shallowly at the dog. It runs up to my feet and the old man's call and i quickly cover my feet with my shoebag. I want to die of embarrasment.

Then i kinda pat him but dont touching him. I see the amusement in the old mans eyes. OMG, hes doing on purpose. AHHHHHHH. So i say heh, slowly and wave bye to the old man and the dog.

Then i back away a few steps and start to run a little. The dog follows. I scream and the whole playground just looks at me. The three maids watching the kids are giggling and the kid at teh playground and laughing outright.

I say a last BYE to the dog as i flee home.
I can still hear the laughter behind me, man.

-Circle Circle Dot Dot

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