Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Today we had T&F bonding kinda talk.
You know, if had to do this last year, we would be grappling at nothing and not knowing how to start. But this year, it kinda came to us. More bonded?
Maybe we all matured.
Maybe we all grew up, a little.

We're too crazy, too noisy! Too hectic, too loud. Too bad a influence, too bad a leader. We create noise, we take up space, we are big, but hey, we are happy.
Call us the SEC2 TrackFielderS, 2007.
Yeah, i suppose this time, we could discuss serious stuff. Me and Loolooheads have made a pact. We will zip up during training alittle, yknow, not sing, not scream.
Also we will TRY OUR VERY BEST in every single little thing we have to do. Even if it is 300m. or 400m. (HORROR SHOCK)
I wonder if im less of an airhead than i was before? I do think i matured, even though it might have been this little. I dont scream at every moving thing now, i dont wobble when i walk. I dont shout everthing i say, i dont dance stupid things that much, but well. YOU CANT STOP ME FROM SINGING. So.
Oh well.
Today something of great importance happened to me.
Guess what. I was WILLLLING and PRAYYING and WILLING and HOPING with all my heart the little stick Ms Tan YT drew from the bunch would not have my indexnumber today.

But hey. After heart thumping seconds of waiting, 17! she announces, while i fall to the floor on my knees screaming NOOOOOOOO. NOT ME.
I go dramamtic and tell her that my speech is incomplete and i throw her all the excuses on earth. Sweet darling muahses ZOEY thankGOD consents to going first so i rush thorugh my speech, speed writing and not really thinking.

It sucked, even though Longlegs said it didnt, i knew it did. It was stupid. I dont LIKE it. But i suppose, it was kiiinnndaaaa okkayy for such impromptuness. My english is slipping, i swear it is. I will suddenly become un-good-in-english and i will die.
I try i try to fall back on my READ EVERYDAY habit, but crap, my mind refuses to accept anything but stupid shallow romance books. I try to force down other books like Little Women or The Twist To Sleeping Beauty.
BUT SHITCRAP the endings to all those books are so IRRITATING it just pisses me off to read it. I just skip to the last page when i see where the story is going to, (mostly not the way i want it to) and then i see the disgusting ending.
LIKE HOW MY SWEET LAURIE GOT FRIKIN REJECTED BY STUPID JO(who was my favorite of the girls, UNTIL she rejected Laurie.)
So i think i might be dying. English was a only salvation, my hope, my joy in the world of studies. Now that i am being completely shallow and stupid, there will be no hope for me anymore. *moans in agony*


I would like to share with all of you, PICTURES.

Kangkang and Cras



Whos pretty?

Whos prettier?

Macbeth paints
Eve the bat
Work basins
Draw on Kang.

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