Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bloggers back to norrrrrmal, bloggers back to norrmal.

Im so glad.

Im thinking, todays the best day of my life!

But no, i think again.
The best day of my life was yesterday! When i dropped my file and this ubercute guy with cute hair and happy shining eyes who looked like L with a absolutely sweet smile picked it up for me! And he said i was pretty, andandand, he asked for my number and now we're going out!

Im kidding.

Ahwell, todays traning was the slackiest thing ever, EVER. Fun fun fun. Loo came back to train and then the sun was good, and thr track was happy and we were happy.

Everything was good.

We laughed around, not that loud, we did starts, (which i absolutely suck at) and the sit on you and do knee bends. That things cool. We have to sit on each other and then keep bending our knees. Freaking FUN. I was laughin so much i almost died.

Few days ago i got waylaid by a group of the scariest people ever. I was walking to school, HAPPILY MINDING MY OWN BUSSINESS when i see these group of guys in front of me. Theres like 3 of them but they walk to biggishly they take up of of the road.

And the way they talk, its like theres a huge group. Their bags are slung so low and even their hair looks intimidating. The were swankering around cursing and being scary. Their pants were so low and their shirts untucked. SEE.

I was totally freaked out. They were a way in front of me, and i was walking slowly so i wouldnt bump into them.

But oh, THEN they stopped at the traffic light. I had to stop there too.

I walked slooowwwly, and quietly, praying they wouldnt notice me. I was praying and praying and praying and praying and then one guy turned around.. HO, like, motherluck SHINE DOWN ON ME.

Then they started to look at each other weirdly and then they talked louder then ever, and kinda inched backward nearer to me a little. I wanted to die. I WAS GONNA BE BEAT UP, I WAS GONNA DIEEEEEEEE.

I was preparing to arm myself with my file when the man turned green. SAVED! I half sprinted half strided across the road, so i would be like, in front of them, but then they started going, HEY GIRL WHATS YOUR NAME. HEY GIRL NEED ME TO WALK YOU TO SCHOOL. HEY GIRL WHERE YOU LIVE. HEY GIRL WHERE YOU WANNA GO WE GO WITH YOU.

I was so scared i almost died. I froze for a second then i ignored it completely. A few more steps...

The brisk walk across the road was the scariest time in my life. I was totally ignoring them, and being afraid one of them would come up and beat me up for ignoring them.

FINALLY they turned the corner, AWAY, far away form me.

I grinned then the guys started calling me CHAU CHEE BYE and all that but HOHO who cares, i was gonna live.


Story of my life.
Get mauled by scary looking people, got o school. Have test. Boring lessons. Then go home. Eat. Study Watch Price Of Tennis. Fawn over Eiji Kikumaru. Tuition. Sleep.

Have a nice day.


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