Saturday, May 12, 2007

Jubilate was fun, FUN.

Saw Kevin and his friends but i had no hands cause i was carrying Loos flower and my file so i kinda bobbled the flower at him. I think he might think im crazy because every single time i see him outside, im always hands fulled and i have to bobble something at him for a wave.

The most fun was probably the 20minutes break cause thats when all hell broke loose.

It was screams of pleasure all around me, girls were ramming into each other screaming and yelling and hugging like they hadnt seen each other in years.

Then there were guys all around and they were talking in that low voice and some kids were playing catching and the girl guides were trying to quieten everyone down.

When i saw Bobies in her cute hair style i screamed too. I wonder why. Maybe its a weird girl thing, screaming when they see each other in public, even though they might have seen each other like, less than 3 hours ago.

Saw Emain, Pamela, Frances, Jean, (and her boyfriend, Timmy) and loads more people.

Me and Loo and Cra and Cheryl were running about waving to people we knew feeling all silly and crazy. It was fun as anything. Then we meet Zhekang's swim friend whose hair Loo fancied, until, well, he turned around.

We and Cras were laughing cause Timmy went in his alltimeuberlow voice, HEY CRYSTAL, WHERES MY MONEY FOR THE SHOU CE.

And it was so low and so deep and load that we couldnt stop laughing.

Then Andre treated us to MnMs and yummy stuff and shes such a sweetie. In the theater me and Cara were yakking away and laughing at the and boring parts and trying to catcall and sneaking popcorn.

And the String Oc was damn cool cause like, when they were playing this scary zombie song, then they screamed, and it scared the HECK of of us and me and Cara yelled too and then everyone started laughing.

The dances were the coolest thing ever too.

Ohhboy, it was funnn.
I wouldnt mind going again.

But Ms Goh left yesterday.
It was the saddest days of my life. I nearly died of upesstivity. I was crying so bad and i couldnt stop and ohcrap, im gonna miss her so much.

Im gonna miss her so, so, much.
Im praying for you, Ms Goh. Im gonna pray every night. Im gonna, im gonna, i promise.

Please get well, Ms Goh, cause everyone loves you so much, so much. We love you so much.

And i'll keep praying,
so stay the strong and bubbly Ms Goh we know.

-Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely
Backstreet Boys.

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