Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The guys in trunks at the swimming pool downstairs are screaming at the top of their voices, going AIYA AIYA AYYYIIIYAAA in this really gay voice and i can hear it even though im like, 6 stories up. Talk about noise pollution.

I can see them. Its kinda disgusting.

I havent packed yet for camp yet, it kinda sucks. I dont even know why i came back early from Bings house for. WHY DID I WHYYYY. Aw crud. THis reeeks. I dont feel like packing. Too lazy. Im lumping about, lying on my bed, thinking my jacket which isnt here, my ipod which is fixed, and Weis SPA tomorrow. Gads, if i were him id be peeing in my pants.

So scared so scared so SCAREY. None of my practicals have gone well. I either spill some chemical or break a beaker, or snap a ruler. Its due to nerves, keep telling yourself that.


My jacket is at Bings house, pleh.
What to do what to do.

Skating was uber fun today, me and Dan were zipping round the ring collecting snow flecs to flick at each other. I bashed into three guys one who jumped out of no where, one who was racing round the ring so fast you could hardly see him, and one who was inching slowly and not expecting anything.

The one who was going at lightning speed was soo cool. We kinda banged REALLY hard cause of the speed he was going and the horribleness of my skating. So then he grabbed my shoulders and steadied me and went like, "Sorry, you okay? Careful now."

Man. He didnt even stumble! Thats so cool, its scares even me.

At Bings house, the three heros, Wei, Quan and QianY were stranded somewhere in JB, and then they found their way back, god knows how.

Then we went swimming. I was swimming in clothes and it kinda sucked cause you cant move much, and every time you get into the water, your clothes kinda inflates and bubbles surface and its weird.


Then we have the usual CRAZY BALL THROWING FIGHT which i try change into a game of Monkey or Who Can Float The Longest game but they dont seem to work. So i dont mind.

Later we eat yummy food Aunty Siewban made, peppery fried rice, ubercold salad.

BQ's voice has broken!
Well, i think, anyway. Its kinda deepish now HAHAHAHAHA! Its sooo cool. Plus hes in gym and everything. TRIPLE WAYY COOOOL.

Plus hes so tall. No more cute little Bing Quan. Hes all big and grown up and eerily tall. Erk. Its feels kinda weird. AND BING'S grandma kept insistiing that i was fat when i was younger. Aw Crud, thats EMBARRASING.


Fun times.

-Party Time

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tomorrows so exciting!

First i can sleep in. Then i have chinese tuition. Then The Training. Oh Whoopee doo. THEN pot luck to celebrate one months rosary sessions at function room downstairs. THEN ITS CAPN' JACK SPARROW!

Plus cant wait to scratch the weird cards theri giving out at Golden Village theaters. Its uber cool. YOU CAN WIN LIKE, 3 MONTHS WORTH OF FREE MOVIES!

Id just die, la.

Oh funfunfun.

And then on Thursday its Bings house. Dunno why we're going there again, but MAN do i miss those guys. But mostly they just play cards and i sit there and well, not play cards. Its a pact with myself, dont ask.

And today i went to Vals house for rosary and Steven was there and i got a shock cause hes soooo skinny now. Maybe its the delusion that i had, cause few years back he was, well. Not skinny.

AND HES SO TALL AND SKINNYISH, and its so scary, hows hes grown. Its cool to see people youve never seen in a long time. It makes you think what the person thinks of you. Heyy. I wonder if ive changed.

*Lifts eyebrow in deep thought*

Yeah. I probably have. Im probably, shockkingly very much tanner, or in a more blunt way, blacker, as my friends say. Aw crud.

Me and Bel and Val were talking about stuff we did when we were kids. I used to be some stupid little bookworm. The time when we went over to Stevens for a sleepover i stayed up nearly the whole night reading his pokemon books.

And seriously, Ms Universe is not a good thing for your ego. Beautiful women who are pretty and are too lucky for their own good, who get to lie on the worlds most famous beaches all day long and shop for whatever they want.

Whoo, baye-be. Talk about THE LIFE man.
Plus Tyra Banks seems to have gained weight. She looks too plumpy now. Plus, you know, shes considered one of the most influential people in the world.

Makes me jealous.
How nice it would be to beable to influence people greatly, hm?

-Heal The World. Michael Jackson

Monday, May 28, 2007

Was puking my guts out at training today.

It was disgusting.
Yknow how people get disgusted when others start to puke? Guess what, i do too. Even if its me. So i was puking andd getting disgusted and puking and puking and puking and puking until i could feel my stomach suddenly empty.

Then it was just the retching with nothing coming out until i got dizzy.

And there stood Loo, trying not to laugh, she tells me later. Thanks. "But it was so funny! You kept puking and coughing but the moment was too serious so i didnt laugh" She explains.

I was pushing too HARD. I was running at my limit, forcing my legs to go at a speed they never went before. AT THE LIMIT, man.

So my legs were all wobbly and shaky, gasping for breath like an old woman, sure i was going to die. So i run to the watercooler, drink was a beggar who hasnt drunk in months, then i start to puke.

We still had one more time left, and after the hoobaloo i felt so refreshed i wished i could run the last time. But coach said, TODAY YOU FINISH AHMUNDA. I said, Nope. Cause i had one more left.

But she ignored me, mabye cause i was speaking too soft cause i was too disgusted to move my mouth too much. GOGO STOP LOOKING, she screams at my friends. I watch them run their last as i mop up the mess.

And hey, i got into the School Team. Its quite a surprise. I thought Ms Lim hated me too much. But i guess shes okay. Ive really been trying to nottalktoomuch these says, it might be killing me. I think if i control any harder i might explode. (Yeah, that for Loos benifit. She loves it when people explode)

Its all about how hard you want it. I do wanna get into the team. I do wanna try it out. I do wanna do my best. I DO NOT want to be suspended by Ms Lim, as she threatened. It all about CONTROL and WILL POWER. Id need these two to get me through the holiday training unsuspended and alive.

Im not doing 400m sprint for Nats!
I was dreading it. My 400 sucks. Like really sucks.

I was walking home then i was at the gate but this old man was with his dog, in front of me. I am terrified of dogs, the most harmless and cutest. Sure, id admire from distance, but dont expect me to touch them.

Trust me, i have enough experiences to make me stay away from dogs bigger than your arm. So the old guy sees my horrified face and laughs. I cant hear him laugh, i have my earphones on.

Pat him, PAT HIM! Hes really friendly and nice! He tells me.

I dont wanna be rude. I stand there stricken, smiling shallowly at the dog. It runs up to my feet and the old man's call and i quickly cover my feet with my shoebag. I want to die of embarrasment.

Then i kinda pat him but dont touching him. I see the amusement in the old mans eyes. OMG, hes doing on purpose. AHHHHHHH. So i say heh, slowly and wave bye to the old man and the dog.

Then i back away a few steps and start to run a little. The dog follows. I scream and the whole playground just looks at me. The three maids watching the kids are giggling and the kid at teh playground and laughing outright.

I say a last BYE to the dog as i flee home.
I can still hear the laughter behind me, man.

-Circle Circle Dot Dot

Saturday, May 26, 2007

L Would Never Say-

"Actually, I think Yagami Soichiro is the real Kira.. you know, from that funny looks he has been giving me... no wait! Maybe it's Matsuda... er, no? Mogi?"

"Misora Naomi! I remember her! She was the one who tried to sell me some DIY chocolate last year, wasn't she?"

"Let's go on a date, Watari."

"Let's cut all this crap about Kira and go on a date with me, Light!"

(To Light) "You're my first love."

"I don't know anything. Why don't you ask Watari?"

(On the phone talking to Watari) "Yes, get me some sour plums. No, forget the strawberry cake. No, I am not pregnant."

"Tell you a secret. The reason why I sit like this is not because of my reasoning power. I've got piles."

(When he falls to the ground after Rem wrote his name in the Death Note) "OMG! Call the ambulance! FAAAST!"

(Clinging onto Light during his last moments) "Yagami Light... please... one last goodbye kiss...."


-Way Back Into Love

Friday, May 25, 2007

It seems like years since i last updated.
Sorry! SORRYSORRY SORRY right up to my toes.

Ive been busy.
Dont ask with what.

And no. No, not with the uberhot boyfriend or the megahot gay bestfriend or the sexy transexual or the weird bi. Im getting a little sidetracked. Ahwell.

Sir Ho is really nice, i realise. He says to me mommy that i am a good kid, nice behaviour, responsible monitor, cool student with nice hair and special round thumbs.

Im kidding about the last part.

But on his part anyway, hes a good guy. Good teacher, good daddy for his new kid, i think. (Yeah, congrats to him) Ahwell.. So maybe im just being sad about not having him as our form teacher next sem, but SERIOUSLY, without him our class might just fade off into dirt.

SO, i was thinking, instead of DAMN and FREAKING, i shall use MEGA instead. So like, if i wanna say THAT WAS A FREAKING COOL MOVIE!, i would go THAT WAS A MEGA COOL MOVIE!

So, moving on.

Ahwell, it really good, the actors are really good and funny. Funniest gay show ive seen in a while. Its really good. REALLY GOOD. And i nearly peed in my pants which watching the last part. Theri friendship is amazingly sweet.

These are the coming up or current must see movies.
Mnd standards.
(yes, in order of merit)
1. Pirates of The Caribbean 3
2. Blades Of Glory
3. Harry Potter and the Order Of The Pheonix
4. Fantastic 4
5. Bridge of Teribita (however you spell)
6. Men In white
7. Brokeback (its not current, but watch it anyway)

Ive only watched one too.
1 down to go.



Theres some other shows i wanna catch too.
They just might not be MUST SEE.

Our with Cras and Srn again. I just love our names. Cra Mnd Srn. I was in Kino for a whole hour today, i swear, i i would pay to stay there for a day and read the store bankrupt. Not like its technically possible, i was just being dramatic.

But no kidding, the books there are new, and smooth and shiny and each have a different story, different theme. Theres like romance, adventure, fantasy, comedy anything! Whatever your feeling, theres something to read.


GO buy a birthday present for me.
4 months minus 1 day left.

-Hes a Pirate

Friday, May 18, 2007

Oh Poo.

Heh. Funniest thing ive seen since, well. Yknow.

Adapted from Bings blog.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Todya was kinda fun, i watched episode 64 of Prince of Tennis, in which all the characaters morphed into tiny dumb drawing which were so cute and that episode was so darn funny i cried cause i was laughing too hard.



I am currently trying to study for Home Econs, but my sewing notes have mysteriously disappeared. It isnt my fault. I really dont know where they are. And i seriously dont get why we must do this.

If i cant do this, i wonder how guys put up with it. Do guys even learn sewing in the first place? Lucky them.

Im so darn desperate for something to do that im playing Love Calculator. Its really kinda fun. Ive done Me and Michael, Me and Artemis (92%, TOO BAD HES FICTION), Me and L (sad results), Me and Jonathan MP, Me and Harry Osborn...

Love Calculator results
These are the results of the calculations by Dr. Love:
Amanda lee zi yi
Harry osborn

99 %

Dr. Love thinks that a relationship between Amanda lee zi yi and Harry osborn has a very good chance of being successful, but this doesn't mean that you don't have to work on the relationship. Remember that every relationship needs spending time together, talking with each other etc.

But 99%!! Thats like, what 1% to perfection!

Oh seriously, i need a life.

And Uncle Mobeen and Peter tay

Is a happy dayyy.

I hear the wedding bells!

I must control my horrid, foul terrible mouth. I keep saying stuff like Oh My God and Holy Shit and Goddamn and disgusting stuff like that. Have to stop. Have to have to have to. Have to have to have to. MUsttt. Contttrol. Myy. Moutth.

Like spidey says,
The greatest battle lies within.

Great line. No kidding.

Oh yeah, and me and Bobbies raged the storm to get home. We and her both trugded wetly through the thundering splattering rain because i forgot to bring my umbrella. I could slap myself, and Bobbies is too nice.

My whole pinafore was soaked till unsoakable, my socks were like spongeballs, my shoes were heavy my bag was absolutely drenched and now i ipod is undergoign some slight unconsiousness. Im so darn worried about him!

Poor mr Ipod. Even though Doctor Love says our relationship chance is only 67%, i still love my Mr ipod veryvery much.

AHHHHHHHHHH. Its so saddening to see it lying there all unlighted and depressed.

Eh, im all saddened now.
And count, COUNT! 6 more days till schools OUT!

Now i take my leave.
Wish me best for Homeec tomorrow.


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bloggers back to norrrrrmal, bloggers back to norrmal.

Im so glad.

Im thinking, todays the best day of my life!

But no, i think again.
The best day of my life was yesterday! When i dropped my file and this ubercute guy with cute hair and happy shining eyes who looked like L with a absolutely sweet smile picked it up for me! And he said i was pretty, andandand, he asked for my number and now we're going out!

Im kidding.

Ahwell, todays traning was the slackiest thing ever, EVER. Fun fun fun. Loo came back to train and then the sun was good, and thr track was happy and we were happy.

Everything was good.

We laughed around, not that loud, we did starts, (which i absolutely suck at) and the sit on you and do knee bends. That things cool. We have to sit on each other and then keep bending our knees. Freaking FUN. I was laughin so much i almost died.

Few days ago i got waylaid by a group of the scariest people ever. I was walking to school, HAPPILY MINDING MY OWN BUSSINESS when i see these group of guys in front of me. Theres like 3 of them but they walk to biggishly they take up of of the road.

And the way they talk, its like theres a huge group. Their bags are slung so low and even their hair looks intimidating. The were swankering around cursing and being scary. Their pants were so low and their shirts untucked. SEE.

I was totally freaked out. They were a way in front of me, and i was walking slowly so i wouldnt bump into them.

But oh, THEN they stopped at the traffic light. I had to stop there too.

I walked slooowwwly, and quietly, praying they wouldnt notice me. I was praying and praying and praying and praying and then one guy turned around.. HO, like, motherluck SHINE DOWN ON ME.

Then they started to look at each other weirdly and then they talked louder then ever, and kinda inched backward nearer to me a little. I wanted to die. I WAS GONNA BE BEAT UP, I WAS GONNA DIEEEEEEEE.

I was preparing to arm myself with my file when the man turned green. SAVED! I half sprinted half strided across the road, so i would be like, in front of them, but then they started going, HEY GIRL WHATS YOUR NAME. HEY GIRL NEED ME TO WALK YOU TO SCHOOL. HEY GIRL WHERE YOU LIVE. HEY GIRL WHERE YOU WANNA GO WE GO WITH YOU.

I was so scared i almost died. I froze for a second then i ignored it completely. A few more steps...

The brisk walk across the road was the scariest time in my life. I was totally ignoring them, and being afraid one of them would come up and beat me up for ignoring them.

FINALLY they turned the corner, AWAY, far away form me.

I grinned then the guys started calling me CHAU CHEE BYE and all that but HOHO who cares, i was gonna live.


Story of my life.
Get mauled by scary looking people, got o school. Have test. Boring lessons. Then go home. Eat. Study Watch Price Of Tennis. Fawn over Eiji Kikumaru. Tuition. Sleep.

Have a nice day.


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Death role.

Man. im so happy no one trashes my tagboard. If like, someone trashes it id just die. ITS SO ABSOLUTELY saddening.

Well not really, but yeah well, anyway.

Oh boohoo.
I cant blog with my head full of rubbish like how to reclaim land and how to write chinese words.


I want to die.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Jubilate was fun, FUN.

Saw Kevin and his friends but i had no hands cause i was carrying Loos flower and my file so i kinda bobbled the flower at him. I think he might think im crazy because every single time i see him outside, im always hands fulled and i have to bobble something at him for a wave.

The most fun was probably the 20minutes break cause thats when all hell broke loose.

It was screams of pleasure all around me, girls were ramming into each other screaming and yelling and hugging like they hadnt seen each other in years.

Then there were guys all around and they were talking in that low voice and some kids were playing catching and the girl guides were trying to quieten everyone down.

When i saw Bobies in her cute hair style i screamed too. I wonder why. Maybe its a weird girl thing, screaming when they see each other in public, even though they might have seen each other like, less than 3 hours ago.

Saw Emain, Pamela, Frances, Jean, (and her boyfriend, Timmy) and loads more people.

Me and Loo and Cra and Cheryl were running about waving to people we knew feeling all silly and crazy. It was fun as anything. Then we meet Zhekang's swim friend whose hair Loo fancied, until, well, he turned around.

We and Cras were laughing cause Timmy went in his alltimeuberlow voice, HEY CRYSTAL, WHERES MY MONEY FOR THE SHOU CE.

And it was so low and so deep and load that we couldnt stop laughing.

Then Andre treated us to MnMs and yummy stuff and shes such a sweetie. In the theater me and Cara were yakking away and laughing at the and boring parts and trying to catcall and sneaking popcorn.

And the String Oc was damn cool cause like, when they were playing this scary zombie song, then they screamed, and it scared the HECK of of us and me and Cara yelled too and then everyone started laughing.

The dances were the coolest thing ever too.

Ohhboy, it was funnn.
I wouldnt mind going again.

But Ms Goh left yesterday.
It was the saddest days of my life. I nearly died of upesstivity. I was crying so bad and i couldnt stop and ohcrap, im gonna miss her so much.

Im gonna miss her so, so, much.
Im praying for you, Ms Goh. Im gonna pray every night. Im gonna, im gonna, i promise.

Please get well, Ms Goh, cause everyone loves you so much, so much. We love you so much.

And i'll keep praying,
so stay the strong and bubbly Ms Goh we know.

-Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely
Backstreet Boys.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

I cant edit the stupid post so,
HOHO, and so we meet again.

Today is BOBIES birthday, im tellling ya, EVEYRTHING, i mean everything of bobbies presents were spongebob. Sponebob stickers, spongebob stuffed toy, spongebob ballon, spongebob sponge, and a spongebobo photoframe.

I'll say. Half her room must already be filled with Spongebob thingys. And with this new load of overload, her room uct look SOO WAY COOL.

I wish i had something i loved as much as her. Then my bed room would have a theme! I would be cool, and i wouldnt give it up for nuts.

Todays speech was one big flop. Loo said when i was nervous then i fumbled on my words and then i would natuarally speak in some dumb accent which was disgusting.

AHH and a practiced so freakingly hard too. Guess im just not made to do public speaking. I hate it when everyone starts dissecting what you say and comparing you to others. GOD, its all crap.


Well, im lying. Id probably have to, but believe me, not anytime soon. I did it cause of 2 Hope, really, they were so unbelievely sweet. I sucked but they told me YOU WERE GREAT. YOU WERE SO COOL! And they stuffed Spongebob at me and they screamed for me.

Yeah. So maybe they were lying through their teeth BUT IT DID MAKE ME FEEL LOADDS better. SO thanks 2 Hope, love you guys.

Thank you Wanying for making me laugh with your sillyness.
Thank you Inez for helping me.
Thank you Jennifer for coaching my gesture skills. IM SORRY I FAILED YOU. Bleh.
Thank you Cara for being there and saying nonsencical things that didnt make much sense.
Thank you Krystal MY SUPERCUTE longleggy friend, you pulled thorugh for me, kid.
Thank you Zoey for doing the speech first, for me, that day.
Thank you Sirin for making me feel better up there.

And thank you Eve and Zhekang, and Serlin and Bobsies and Frances and Andrea and AND EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU WHO CHEERED ME ON TODAY.
Thank you thank you thank you.
And thankthankthank you, and thank you.

Im not thinking straight right now, forgive me if i missed anyone out.

Im so glad i came to 2 Hope.
So glad, so glad that i met all of you. So darn glad.

-Grad Song. Vitamin C.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Omg bloggers gone mad!



I got this really sweet photoframe for my mom, it goes "I told the Angels to take care of my mom but the Angels told me NO, because Angels didnt take care of Angels."

Omg, isnt it the most SWEEETEST thing youve ever heard. I melted into the ground when i read it, it was too darn sweet. Had to buy it even thought the tiny thing was 5 dollars. I lovelovlove it.

When i become a mom, and my kids give me that, id cry. Really i will. Whoever made that little paragragh up is now my new writer idol. SWEETSWEETSWEEEEEEEET.

Im so hungry but im too fat to eat anything, i think any fatter id have to squash through the doorway. Its disgusting. Eugh. Oh and our Macbeth play was freaking good cause Wanying was AMAZINGG, that gorgeous girl, she saved the play.

SO dramatic, and even though she forgot most of her lines and kept walking to the cauldron and hissing WHATS NEXT to Eve, she was damn good. Oh grief, i CANT WAIT for Pirates of The Caribbean, CAPNT JACK SPARROW!

Ohohoh, and WHOOHOO in Neopets i find a mystical codestone. Cool or what. Wheeppeedoosdles. Neopets has evolved too. No kidding, really it has. Like its become small and weird and funny and no all that kiddish looking.

I liked it more when it was kiddish looking.

Neopets is kinda boring, but when you get something nice then its kinda happish.

OMG, i just sneezed, and i bit my tongue when i sneezed!





(Fades out)

-If I Were You. Hoobastank.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Ohmgosh. Is Blogger having some metal breakdown or is it just my computer? The font buttons and the colour buttons have formed a long vertical row down the side of the screen and it looks nakedish. Eeks.

OMG i just came back form SPIDEY 3 and lemme just say, it was the bestest show of all the bank-free-tickets shows. DAMNFREAKING GOOD.

It was a amazing show. Trillion times better than the first 2. Yeah, so the second and first were good, but this was much much better. It made me cry, it made me laugh. In fact i cried so much i became all depressed and everything, even worse than when darling L died without finishing his chocolate bar... (trails off sadly)

The acting was brilliant, full of emotion, Tobey was really good. And the best part was HARRY OSBORN course i totally fully fell in love with him when he jumped the spikes for Spidey. I cried and cried and cried and i almost died of grief.

I was wearing my specs and it was really hard to rub my eyes and i was crying so, so, so hard. Bleh. Too darn emotional.

And the boss of the newspaper company, that Simmons guy, MAN hes reallly funny.

Yeah, the shows really good. Must watch. Seriously. Betcha you'll love my poor sweet HARRY OSBORN too.

Now im waiting for Pirates of The Caribbean -At Worlds End.
Must watch my other LOVELOVE Jack Sparrow.

Jack Sparrow: Did no one come to save me just because they missed me?
[Everyone looks around. Finally Jack the Monkey raises his hand]

Now who wants to watch it with me?

Joking joking. I have plans already.

-Pirates Of The Caribbean

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Today we had T&F bonding kinda talk.
You know, if had to do this last year, we would be grappling at nothing and not knowing how to start. But this year, it kinda came to us. More bonded?
Maybe we all matured.
Maybe we all grew up, a little.

We're too crazy, too noisy! Too hectic, too loud. Too bad a influence, too bad a leader. We create noise, we take up space, we are big, but hey, we are happy.
Call us the SEC2 TrackFielderS, 2007.
Yeah, i suppose this time, we could discuss serious stuff. Me and Loolooheads have made a pact. We will zip up during training alittle, yknow, not sing, not scream.
Also we will TRY OUR VERY BEST in every single little thing we have to do. Even if it is 300m. or 400m. (HORROR SHOCK)
I wonder if im less of an airhead than i was before? I do think i matured, even though it might have been this little. I dont scream at every moving thing now, i dont wobble when i walk. I dont shout everthing i say, i dont dance stupid things that much, but well. YOU CANT STOP ME FROM SINGING. So.
Oh well.
Today something of great importance happened to me.
Guess what. I was WILLLLING and PRAYYING and WILLING and HOPING with all my heart the little stick Ms Tan YT drew from the bunch would not have my indexnumber today.

But hey. After heart thumping seconds of waiting, 17! she announces, while i fall to the floor on my knees screaming NOOOOOOOO. NOT ME.
I go dramamtic and tell her that my speech is incomplete and i throw her all the excuses on earth. Sweet darling muahses ZOEY thankGOD consents to going first so i rush thorugh my speech, speed writing and not really thinking.

It sucked, even though Longlegs said it didnt, i knew it did. It was stupid. I dont LIKE it. But i suppose, it was kiiinnndaaaa okkayy for such impromptuness. My english is slipping, i swear it is. I will suddenly become un-good-in-english and i will die.
I try i try to fall back on my READ EVERYDAY habit, but crap, my mind refuses to accept anything but stupid shallow romance books. I try to force down other books like Little Women or The Twist To Sleeping Beauty.
BUT SHITCRAP the endings to all those books are so IRRITATING it just pisses me off to read it. I just skip to the last page when i see where the story is going to, (mostly not the way i want it to) and then i see the disgusting ending.
LIKE HOW MY SWEET LAURIE GOT FRIKIN REJECTED BY STUPID JO(who was my favorite of the girls, UNTIL she rejected Laurie.)
So i think i might be dying. English was a only salvation, my hope, my joy in the world of studies. Now that i am being completely shallow and stupid, there will be no hope for me anymore. *moans in agony*


I would like to share with all of you, PICTURES.

Kangkang and Cras



Whos pretty?

Whos prettier?

Macbeth paints
Eve the bat
Work basins
Draw on Kang.