Sunday, April 08, 2007

Went for comp today.

Hey, i got a new PB.
Though its lousy and everything, but i still got a new PB ANYWAY. Who cares that i didnt get into the finals or what. I still did my best and AHAHAHAHH. I was greatness, ohboy.

Ohhoh, and i saw Tingwei there too. He was like scarily hugely tallish and fast. Cause of his scaryish long legs, see.

There was this chaoshuaii guy who me, and Krys and Loo chirstened Bedhead Boy. Cause he hair was like the bedhead type of hair. And YEAH, he was soo good looking, man. AHAHAHHAA. So cute, cause he had this really innocent face and everything. And he had blonde hair and EEK.

Then me and Krystal were jumping around cause he was too cute.

Jumpy jumpy.

Loo was telling everyone who cute he was then Hilary wanted to help us get a picture of him without being too obvious.

"So you guys stand there in front of him then i pretend to take a picture of you two but i take him instead!"

We didnt in the end.
It was too obvious anyway.

Then later Loo changed her sights to this paikia Singapore Sports school guy. Me and Krsyt were disgusted with her because he was kinda weird looking and he had some lip piercing (maybe it was a mole?) plus a tiny hoop earing on one ear.

Plus when we had to wait out the rain in the rubbish shelter at the side with the boy division jumpers me and Loo were screaming and yelling and singing some weird song that went KONAAAAAAYUKI or something.

The boys in front of us were damn pissed, i think.

Then after the rain, we were all cooled down again, and the race was resuming in like 15 mins, so Coach slabbered tons and tons of Deepheat cream on us to warm us up again.

It was nice.

My stupid hair is still WET!
Freak, it takes so damn long to dry.

Now i need to dry it with my dumb hairdryer which SUCKS peoples hair in. Its damn scary, lah. Its some crappy travel hairdryer thingy and it sucks your hair in when you put the back part too close to your hair.

And it hurts like shit when you pull it out.

Shall go and face the wrath of

-We've Got it Going On. Backstreet Boys.

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