Sunday, April 29, 2007


Hello everybody (:

Amanda saw a REALLY hot guy today. I am dead jealous.

I think this world lacks hot guys. Especially Singapore. Chinese guys don't look good ):


Anyhow, this is Pamela Bong reporting for duty here. Wolverine's out of the picture and I'm into a whole new world with whatever character Jude Law plays in I Love Huckabees, which I did not watch because it was M18.

Okay I change my mind. Jude Law = not that hot.

I now prey on... on...

This is old news. I have been preying on Daniel Meade since forever.

Anyhow, watch Ugly Betty tonight and catch Daniel there! I don't know what time it's showing, but it rocks balls (:

And go here:


Thank you very much.

Love from

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