Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Todays cross country race cheer thingy was uber fun. Fun FUN FUN. Me and Loo AND Jennifer and Inez were being really amazingly noisey. We were like screeching and yelling and singing and dancing about.

Then the weird speaker thingy was so wrong looking cause it had the garbage bag on it and stuff, so when the weird tribe and malay music came on, the thingy was like blasting and the garbage bag kept wobbling.

Then one of the guys said like, The speakers like, dance, man!

We saw Shawn Lee (the actor guy) and it was uber coolies. Think he ran too. Jennifer was having fainting fits and i was tiptoing to see his face. There was this girl talking to him. HOW REALLY UNFAIR.

Plus Inez was being too popular with guys and everything and it got really confusing after awhile. Then in the bus we were like pranking people and going" MOSHIMOSHI you have to ramdomly selected to hear a specially picked song by out special guest,"

Something along these lines, anyway.

Then i would screech into the phone in my melodious graceful throaty voice. Hohoho.

Lalala. It is freaking hard to type on this dumb laptop. I am going crazy. Typing these few paragraphs have taken me a very long time. The stupid key pad is so flat and feep accidentally pressing capslock.

Its horrid.

So i shant do this anymore.


Plus my dad dosent allow me to like, download MSN on this laptop. Its crap. No Itunes, or MSN. What is a computer used for, otherwise?

Now i dont even have song lyrics to end this post. GAH. Ohwell.

-End Song of Blues Clues

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