Thursday, April 12, 2007

Oh wooshies.
I havent blogged in 4 days.
How absolutely depressing.

I think i am going to die.

I have 3 white hairs.

Plus i cant pluck them off cause mom says if i do then it'll trigger more to grow and then i'll grow old and die.

My days are numbered. There is no doubt about it.


Yesterday i fell asleep and 8.30, you know. WTF, 8.30? And you wake up at 630? Are you some lazy fatass pig?

Yeah. Must be, right.
Cause after my training i had to go for chinese tuition and then i all woozy and crappy and was screaming at my reflection for being dumb looking.

So i went to sleep.
And i never woke up again.


Plus then what crap lah, in the morning, i woke up too late, (BECAUSE I SLEPT TOO EARLY??!!) and missed belbel's car.

Had to walk all the way to school by myself. Which wasnt a bad thing after all! Because on the way i saw this guy wearing ugly brown pants and ugly browngreyish shirt and i thought, EWW HOW DISGUSTING. MUST BE SOME YUCKY UGLY GUY.

Then i walked past him and he turned his head. EHHH. *faints* He had the nicest face i'd ever seen, like ever. Kinda like, i bet L looked like that when he was a teenager. I'LL BET.

Damn cute.

Then i guess he saw me looking then he grinned. I was happy all the way to school. Until i realised i had to do math and art and all that crap then now i forget how he looked like.

Maybe i should walk to school again tomorrow.


Im really really bored.
I may die right now, i think.

I really should get a life.

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