Friday, April 20, 2007

Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho.

Hello there my little puuny underlings, welcome welcome, to the world of HAPPY AMANDASS! Lalalalala.

Track was really, yaknow, really really successful. LOVELOVE EEEMIAN. She made me run like siaosiao chika. Man, my for 300m timing was like, what, 47sec plus. tadims. MAMAMIIIIAA. HERE I GO AGAIN.

I think, i wonder, i wish, if i can improve. I WILL.

Sports Day, compared to Nats is banished to such insignificance that i cant believe it. In Nats i cant even make it to top 8, and on Sports Day i can, get like, what top 3. Damn, now i dont even really bother about sports days.

The only thing bugging me is 2.6. You would think for a tracker 2.6 is nuuthing. But ohho, thats where you're wrong. Last year i gave up after 5 rounds and Cara had to drag me along the last round. (we still got As) And Nats. Crap, its wearing me down.

But i think music really changes your mood, know?

Today i was kinda happy when i was going home, so i switched off my ipod. Then i got kinda bored so i started listenin to some Jap song which was kinda happy and stuff.

Then suddenly the grass and eveything got really pretty and the fields looks so nice to lie in.

And then i read a book about this guy who goes "People are stupid because they looks down all the time. They dont know how to lift their heads and see the beauty above them"

I think its kinda true too, you know. Cause when i looked up today. The trees looked so pretty and green sweet and suddenly i thought, man, wouldnt it be nice if we could do a treetop trail right above here?

Then later i was looking at the sky because it was so blue. Picture perfect, y'know. And hey, guess what. I slammed into the electrical box and fell into the drain thingy.

Whoo. It was soo embarrasing. There was this guy in uniform a way behind me too. I bet he was thinking some really stupid things about me. Maybe he thinks my crazy. Ohwell. cant be helped.


We love Pingping. Lovelove. MUAAHHHHHH.
Who wants a biikini for theri birthday? WHO? Ohwell. Nevermind it you dont, Pingping. Birthday presents arent for you to choose, anyway.


-Tale As Old As Time. Beauty and The Beast

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