Thursday, March 22, 2007

Red Cross Home.

The sad poeple there seriously depress me. I need to talk about something happy, or im gonna cry.

Today was so boring so boring so boring. The boringness was suffocating me, killing me slowly. (Boredom cant kill you, but you'd wish it could)

Lai Pek was yabbering away repeating every single thing on the slides, and we were furiously not listening and copying and copying the slides down. I wasnt cause i was sleeping. I wasnt even tired, man. Her lesson just makes me sleep.

Pamela was showing us some card tricks shed learnt. Damn cool. She can make this card like, spin and come back to her and then she catches it. Well, granted she only managed it once, but it was cool for just that moment.

She says her friend can shoot cards at peoples throat and kill them. Creeped me right out. THE DEADLY WORLD. Even an innocent pack of cards can murder. Kill. Deaths. Bleh. Erk.

Im taking to spelling Zhe Xi name as Zhi C. Because it looks cooler. And just nice.

People say i look emo. Cause of that hateful irritaing tatch of fringe which is currently covering the better half of my face. Hey man, i hate it too. It freaking bugs me every second of my life. But damn, i've lost 17 clips already, and still counting.

Really dont know where they go. Take it off to bathe and ABRACADABRA *ting* its gone. Some idiot clip stealer is probably living in my house.

Dont wanna look emo. But then, without that tatch of fringe, my face looks chubby and unamandalike. Ahwell. The chubby part, thats just a phase. It'll go away, i bet. Im still stuffing myself like some fat ass pig.

Id rather die than become aneroxic, seriously. I LIVE TO EAT. Eating, is one of lifes greatest pleasures. What else would you do if you cant eat, man? I'll probably go suicidal. LIVE IT, EAT IT, thats my motto.

Jump around. Hold your legs and hop. Open your mouth and make a peace sign. Hop around, JUMP AROUND. Be happy, for life is only this short. Like Loo says, WE COULD DIE TOMORROW YOU KNOW.

I wonder what happens then.

Maybe i wont beable to eat anymore.

What would you do if you were dying next week?
Hug your mommy and daddy, kiss your meimei and didi. Tell your korkor and jiejie you love them. Tell your crush you like them, who cares what they say? Write a will, tell everyone how much they mean to you. Do your best in everything you do, have no regrets. Eat everything you always wanted to eat, travel where you want to go.

To sum it up, be happy.

The best thing ever.

Fire spread it.
Second thoughts, LIGHTNING IT.

-Happy Girls And Boys. Aqua

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