Friday, March 09, 2007

Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh.

Great day everyone. Lalalalalas.

I have done

English, check.
EnglishLit, check.
History, check.
Geography, check.
PE, check
Science, check
F'n'N, check
Maths, -Trying to complete
Chinese,- Com cant read.

Oh well.

Yesterday, stayed up till like, 2, trying to complete Geog, Hist, FnN, PE, Science and that. Me and Cras were trying to do them together. It was damn hard. Kinda like, Cras kept going " MY EAR HURTS SO MUCH SO MUCH SO MUCH." Then i would feel all icky and then my ear would start hurting too.

The PE quiz was so full of rubbish. All the pictures of funny women with huge wobbly butts in tightsuits doing exercises and outofproportion muscular men lifting weights. Which is why im pertrified by huge muscular men, because if they pat you on the back you would vomit blood and pass out.

Yeah, then you have to NAME THE MUSCLES which is enabling these two people to do these exercises. Which we had no faintest idea. So Cras had to try doing the excercises and then tell me which muscle was strained, but she couldnt because, well because they were weird.

So we guessed. Our answers ranged from Hemstrings to Calves for the legs. Which were the only two i heard of. And Tricepe to Biceps for the arms.

The rest were funny long names, like trapezuim. (yeah, i thought it was a shape too)

Knocked out like a light from overworking. Plus there was this HUGE beetle in the toilet and it was freakish, and i couldnt brush my teeth. So i yelled for dad but he was fixing some phone thing so he pretended he didnt hear me.

So i had to go to the other toilet and use the spare Genting Hotel Toothbrush, and my brothers strawberry Kodomo toothpaste which tatses DIGUSTING, by the way.


Im dreading track so much i want to faint. Literally. I wouldnt mind, seriously. The thought of sprinting under Coach's dreaded Red Whistle and her Loud Accented Yells now makes me feel like dying. Hello, ITS MY REST TIME. MY PRECIOUS HOLIDAY.

But, nooooooo. Track has to take out all the fun in my life. Gah. Track, it kinda streches out forever, never ending, not even a while in the Dec or June or March holidays. Noo, it just goes on and on and on and on till i graduate and NEVER JOIN TRACK AGAIN.

Plus, in my whole entire life, i havent fainted before, and it wouldnt do no harm to try, yeah?

-What I Go To School For. Busted.

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