Thursday, March 01, 2007

Im so so tired i cant even see the screen properly. I have no idea why im blogging now, im just so freaked by what i have to finish tonight.

Today i was walking down the way, carrying my darling L in my hands. A huge poster of him from dear Monica YeeYee. I was bounding around, and the floor was damn slippery so i fell down.

If was after work time, and it was at the MRt station and it was crowded like hell. I think someone almost stepped on me.

Then i felt someone grinning at me. Looked up and saw Jack Neo's creepy face from the taxi picture grinning like anything holding some paper. Then i started laughing at him.

I cant believe i have L pretty face magnified and beautifully plastered over my dull room. Oh gosh i need to bathe. Mabye that'll wake me up.

Cannot. Concentrate. Am. Dying.
Tests. Project. Tuition work.

Eat me.

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