Sunday, March 11, 2007

I am so full i cannot move. Like in those anime where this guy totally pigs out and then suddenly the whole table's all empty then his stomach like, protrudes out and then he has that dazed look while slumping in a chair?

Thats kinda like how i look now. Minus the tummy.

What i had for dinner.

I ate the porridge neighbour gave us, then ate chicken rice and fried sotongs and sotong balls. (As in, balls made of sotong, well not BALLS made of sotong. AH WHATEVER, just sotong balls.)

Then i ate brocolli. I love brocolli, specially in the super nice sause.

Caught a movie, PERSUIT OF HAPPYNESS, with my dad. Its the damn nicest movie, after Death Note and such. Ate huge tub of popcorn, nachos with cheese, and big cup of coke. Then, went to Yakun to eat kaya bread, and egg and hot milo.

Later, visited NTUC and got miso soup, instant ramen and icecream, and loads of crap.

Then, while heading for the carpark, got hit by craving for STEAMING HOT WHIPPED POTATO. Ate it in the car, while dad and me rubbished around.


Just after i promised to stop eating crap in Lent. GahGahGah. Bad girl, BADDD GIRL.

Oh gee, and LEMME JUST SAY, PERSUIT OF HAPPYNESS IS GOOD. First i was having second thoughts about the show. It didnt look all that interesting. Id have rather watched Bean On Holiday, or somthing.

After the movie:
It was good. With Will Smith, one of my FAVORITE people, and with Jaden Smith, my CUTEST LITTLE ANGEL ON EARTH, the sweetest boy ever.

If i eevr have a son, i want him to be like Christopher (Jaden), some sweeeeetst little kid ever born. He doesnt over act, like trying too hard to be cute, he doesnt underact, like some actcool kid, HES JUST HIM, with a sweet face and a doublesweet personality.

And his jokes, HAHAHA. So weirdly cutely funny.


Wait. Omg, OH MY TIAN?! Hes Will Smith's SON?! Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh. THAT, is the coolest thing on EARTH! 'Magine! No WONDER theres some kinda chemistry between them! Thats too cool. TOO DAMN COOL. Lalas. IM SO PROUD OF YOU, JADEN. You act really well.

And it dont hurt that you look like you papa.

-Dani California. Red Hot Chilli Peppers

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