Monday, March 05, 2007

Miss me miss me.

Today we watch some way cool show. BOSTON LEGAL. Ahem ahem, cool or what, lah. I mean the name itself sounds all authorotative and everything. This rich guy with cancer and this horrid poor guy with cancer.

But, yes, i still perfer Prison Break. I mean, which would any normal teenage prefer, lah. A show about law firms and austics people or a crazy exciting show with freaking hot guys.

Okay the story BOSTON LEGAL is something like this.
: This poor guy with cancer sues this rich guy with cancer. The rich cancer guy, he bought his way into getting the cancer drug instead of the placebo, which is some fake drug.

And yes if your're wondering how a POOR guy would find enough money to find a lawyer to sue a RICH guy who can buy his way into most things. 'Parrently in America they pay for your sueing costs and all that crap.

WTH? They trying to encourage the whole country to sue everyone else? O'boy.

So, people just like, SUE FOR ANYTHING THEY WANT. Scary.

Okay, back to the story.
So, this poor cancer guy wins favour in court. Y'know, he does the pity thing. Then the rich guy realieses that he has cancer and that he is watsing his precious time left on earth fighting a losing battle.

So, he apologizes REAL NICE and gives the poor cancer guy 4MILLION or something.

But, ohoho. The ******* ungreatful man pushed the contract away. "I want the thing you tresure the most now. I dont want your money. I want your time." I KILL YOU FREAK. Such evilness. YOU THINK YOU'RE THE ONLY DYING PERSON IN THE WORLD?

Darn you.

Omg, im not supposed to curse.

So it goes somewhat like that. And theres this creepy lecherous perv manager of the firm whos fat and ugly and watches porn of his girlfriend. Hes some shit.

And theres a socially weird guy, and hes just weird. Its kinda sad.. sigh.

!! Its 12 already my gosh.

- Zhe Me Ban. SHE.

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