Wednesday, February 21, 2007

TANG YU ZHE is the coolest guy ever. I SWEAR NAN XUE ZHANG (Tang Yu Zhe) is damn hot. Wahahha. Hes so cool. He might just take over everyone. BE SWEPT OFF YOUR FEET. HERE I PRESENT, TANG TU ZHE!

WAHH. *melts*

This is called, Shuai-abilitiy.
Together now, SHUAIABILITY.

Oh, i saw this Wu ZUn lookalike. Seriously. Whether it was the hair or the same sharp nose, HE WAS SO COOl. I pretended to drop my book so i could walk back to see if he was Wu Zun. The similaritities were just uncanny.

WAHH. Heart. Beating. So. Fast.

And theres this musically inclined boy. EVAN YO. Aw man, hes super cute. CUTE LA. Cara was buggin me to look him up. Said i was sure to lovelovelove him. AWW MAN, HES SO CUTE. AND HES LIKE, ONLY 19. Thats, (counts fingers) he's only 5 years older!

Marry me.

He kinda looked like L here so im just being proud of him.

Ho Ho Ho.
The last and my favorite.

Random little L.

Oh, you marry me too.

-You Make Me Wanna. Blue

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