Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Oh god, i am full of flaws.
Shallow and naive and daffy and oh-so-full-of-crap.

On a happier note, i am aerodynamic.

I sound like a plane.


HanaKimi is gonna start showing on the 15th 7o'clock Channel U. Promise Promise you'll watch it. It the absolutely CHAOJIWUDI funniset show i've ever watched. Fei Lun Hai is acting in it. WU ZUN WU ZUN WU ZUN. He speaks funny, but hes damn shuaii.

And JIROJIROJIRO. I forget his real name. Hes damn funny. Jiro rules, la. Jiro Jiro Jiro. I tellin ya, hes ubersweet and protective and sweet and well, sweet.

Today this guy with long hair walked past me. Its a rare sight, im telling you. What with the everchanging trends and the gay thing and the CREWCUTFORBOYS school rule. I was like, Cool hair.. Then after a second, WHOA COOL HAIR!

Whoa, y'know how cool his hair was, looked like Meitian from Hanakimi.

The shuaii looking gay type.

There are few categories of long haired guys.
1. Gay-shuaii (Meitian type)
2. Straggley-unkempt
3. Cheena-long pigtail
4. Cool-dyed
5-Shoulder length-chaoji shuaii-femenine (JUNKI)

The funny lion dance guys people keep boinging the drums at the forum when we were having training. They look so cool. So distracting when im supposed to do some crappy starting block practice. SEE MY POOR BLISTERED HANDS.

*Starting block- The two hateful supports used in competion to enable a faster start. Also allows hand to produce blisters because Coach says SUPPORT BO-DY WITH HAND, FOWARD FORWARD MORE!, until your hand starts to shake under pressure.

Coach has a tendency to drag the KER-GARISAN really long, while we bake and scorch and blister under the unforgiving sun and the weight of our body.
Relay, relay, why hasth thou forsaken thee.

Track-oh-track. How great fun.

Mr Ho gave us a blowbyblow account of his wife's labour. Damn cool. But now im like damn creeped out by giving birth. AGG. How absolutely terrifying. I cant even take skin prick tests without groaning and ouching and whining at the doctor...

Poor poor stupid Zikang. I like him best after AHBI. He's so patient and sweet and goodlookingly kind and smart and dependable. Sighs.

I love Jiro.

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