Sunday, February 11, 2007

Back from Sherilyn's birthday.
Her cake was the weirdest thing ive seen in my life. Had this mermaid barbie all splayed out on the top of the cake and she wasnt wearing anything unless the two blobs of cream on her boobs which i have a vauge feeling was supposed to be her bra.

Who'd want some porn thing on their cake, la.

Then i realised the maths i brought was not gonna happen because the place was freaking unlightish. All dark and couldnt make out what i was eating half the time.

Surpise surprise i was the oldest there, again. I was hoping this chaojiwudi cool guy would be there to sweep me off my feet or something and we could talk through the night but nooo.... i had to run around after my brother and avoid attention seeking kids who have cravings to throw cake at me.

Then Andrea nearly gave me a heart attack by standing on the thingy that goes into the middle of the pool, (its as narrow as your feet) and almost fell in myself going after her.

The guys were so retarded, (darren's friends) playing soccer in this rubbish little balcony. Refused to join in cause i was too disgusted. They played so damn violently it was scary. The silly goalies were doing crappy splits and slides all over the place.

Everyone called me Barry cause some guy asked, Hey, are you Barry?
Then i was all, hey yeah, howcha know.
The he went I KNOW YOU ARENT!

Omg, what a waste of saliva...

Some girl called Weisomething kept trying to throw cream and water at me and then she had this who group of TheScarySmalls who chased me around the place with creamy fingers. Darren joined in and poured a cup of water over my shirt.

I killed him. I KILLED HIM, LA.

Then i met this boy called Dominic. He told me he was called Kelvin, but i knew better. I miss him so much, he is the sweetest thing ive met. Small and talks 24-7 and a smart mouth and a cutesy face.

Whats not to love?

-All About You. McFly.

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