Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Another One Of My Theorys

The older you get the less excitement the Chinese New Year holds.

And talking about it, the older you get, everything you found so damn fun and crazy now seems kinda bleh.

And every theory needs a reasoning.
Okay. Think about it.

This time, last year i would be happily counting my AngPao money again and again, thinking about how much i love Chinese New Year. I would have been playing with the never ending supply sparklers and making candle things and carying lanterns and screaming and playing and my cousins would humour me and play some piggyback ride thing and i would be holding a lantern and being carried around while having the time of my life.

And when Chinese New Year was over, i would groan and half cry to the holiday's end. Yes.
That was a few years ago.

Somehow, sometime during my life, Chinese New Year stopped holding that kind of happiness for me. I grew up.

I could hold proper convasations with my cousins. They no longer humoured me. We sat around at my Grandma's house drinking some rubbish pink drink and logan soup watching weird chinese shows about some smelly woman, talking about songs and since im the youngest of em, they like to comment on my taste.

But a group of crappy 18 year old guys commenting on your obsessions of songs and shows isnt funny.

They trashed Hana Kimi and i beat them up. We went put to play the few sticks of sparklers they brought. Lalala. Its finished in a few, like 10 minutes.

Back to watch Smelly Woman Drama.

Then off we go, home sweetie home.
I knock off in a few.

Next day we go to Laomah's place. Talk though the visit with M.YeeYee. She works in Kinokuniya so i always get the latest updates about books. She the coolest person ever, by the way. Harry Potter and the Death Something is comin out in July Oh'7 and theres gonna be some huge hubaloo about it.

Countdowns, parties and HUGE advertisment schemes. M.YeeYee said she could get me some discount thing now. I mean, its coming out in JULY and its like five months away.

Five. FIVE.
Seriously. I mean, its five months away and they book 10k copies already. Crazyshit, i know. Like, i bet JK can swim in the money she has now. Shes prob one of the richest women in the world.

Then yesterday had to finish my Geog thingy about China's One Child Policy. Sat at the cmputer reading about those sadists who dragged women to sterilize and abort babies. Freaking evil.

Then went to Dears house like 2 hours late because Mama's friends were visting. Everyone was playing cards and i was still in my post computer starring trance. When i use the com for too long i normally become really weird.

I wasnt gonna succumb to playing cards no matter how much i wanted to. Omg imagine the suffering i went thorugh went they kept asking me if i was playing this round on Blackjack. WAH. Had to control, ohboy.

EH, belbels here already.
Leaving for Singyings about now.


-The Call. Backstreet Boys

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