Monday, January 01, 2007

Yesterday, COP and co came over.

Yeah, it was crazy fun.

My, Daphy, Dalston, Singying, and the rest were cycling and blading like maniacs.

We didnt have enough bikes though.

My dad has 2, one really lightwight, ubercool racer bike, the other really comfortable and damn nice to ride.

I have one, my sister one, and my grandmother one.

Althogether, 5.

Ya think its enough?


The racer bike is like FREAKISHLY high and although you can speed fastttt, it dont make a difference cause the seat is too high, and too damn hard. Dalston was the only one who dared to ride it.

He fell though, damnmit, i fell too.

I was on the guard's bike. I asked if i could borrow it. That guard's like super nice. You will NOT guess how long his legs, goodgrief. I nearly killed myself. I fell about 20 times.

So the whole group of us were racing around the estate, screaming HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone (actually maybe that was only me) and drinking. I used the skates too. They say i skate well.

Ha. I do SO.

Then it was 1145, we all raced back to the house and then i called Bing and co at 1159, and then we all counted down together. I couldnt really hear them through the phone though.

It sounded somewhat like, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (a whole lot of noise). Then i packed and followed Brian back home to Nao's house.

It was about 2am by the time i got there, heh. Sorry guys. So we played a whole lot, talked, threw stuff around, played at the playground. It hurt like shit.

I kept falling off the swing. Damn, i was full of bruises.

Then i got damn Wei and Bing decided to go Nanyang Cresent style.

It was a great idea. They came out looking damn freaky great.

Okay here, now you dont have to imagine anything.

Aw man, like cute little wrong looking dolls!

Gay too.

Feel asleep at 5, woke at 9.
I dreamt of Junki, and he looked sexy.

We went down to Macs to have brekkie. Saw Jonel there too!
Cool or what. I'm meeting her conincedentally too much.

I ate super yummy HOTCAKES and HASHBROWNSSSSSS. BQ is so sweet. He gave me his hashbrown that little sweetie. Even though it was covered in salt and everything.

Met this sweetie at the teensy playground at Macs. It was fun, reallyreally fun.

Then i taught Wei how to play the piano, hes a sloooww learner, geez. But thats just because he has big hands, its not his fault anyhow.

Later we go to the playground and swing around. I learn to jump from high places. Its whoopiesish. Flyyyyingggg!

Im freaky tired now.

-Never Be Lonely

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