Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Day Of The Year Number 2.

I shall start my blog like this, for as long as until i forget to start my blog like this.

Ohayo Gozaimasu!

L rules you know?
He rules so much, and he is so cool.

I was gonna list his greatness and how much i love him, but i gonna save it after i watch DeathNote 2. Then i'll go on about how cool his hair and how he talks and well. Yeah well.

Its a new new new -DAY. And no it doesnt feel old or anything. It feels kinda, like, nothing. I need to feel more things, im thinking. I am full of nothingish feelings. I walk around the house with nothing in my head and blankly doing nothingish things.

Its either im freaky bored, or i cant think of anything to blog about because now my thoughts are blocked up with L.

Kenichi Matsuya, thats his real name.
And hey, Google his name. He looks damn weird without makeup. He probably isnt all L-ish in life though. So i figure i like L better then Kenichi even though technically they are the same person.

In any case, i think i like Junki better in real life then him in any of the shows hes been in. But if you ask me, i like L better than him, anytime. L is so different and has that, distant blank eyes. I love it.

I am now blubbering madly about things you either dont care about or dont wish to hear.

Too bad. I dont care.

I've been trying to learn Jap.
Watashi wa Amanda desu, Onamaehwa?
Cool no?

Hai, plus, i watched so much anime its all drilled in my head somewhere. Im trying Korean too. One at a time just isnt fun. Sometimes you get so mixed you dont know what you're saying.

I've made it a point to ALWAYS watch shows in the language the show came from.

K-dramas? WATCH IN KOREAN. Animes? WATCH IN JAPANESE. Anyway, the voiceovers dont even sound like the original. In other words, they suck.

I've watched a whole lot of K-dramas too. From Goong to My Girl, to Full House and blahblahlah.


(pronounced sa-kai-eh, not sa-kay)


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