Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I am disgusted.
My com, in the middle of a post, got hung.

In vain i tried to unhang it, nothing worked,

OO. Even shutting down, and hitting the onoff
buttion on the CPU didnt switch it off. OH, the horror.

So i went to the back of the computer, and did any
normal person would do, pull off the plugs.

Yes, the computer made a PERP noise and went
black. Obviously i was hoping the RecoverPost button
would help me this time, but hey.

All my time wasted.
What a horrid thing to do to a kid like me.

Back to the post then.

The Ipod Wearing Ceremony.

One has a sudden urge to listen to music.

But what if...
One is laden with, a crappy and heavy school bag.
In the left hand, one props an unsually large ring-
file, with a heavy textbook on top.

On the right hand, slung is a buldging shoebag with
spike shoes and school shoes squashed into it.

And what if...
The Ipod is in the back most pouch of your crappy
schoolbag and you're walking in the middle of a
narrow pavement?

1. One must lay down file, textbook and shoebag
on ground and grope for ipod from unslung school
bag in the quickest possible while ignoring stares
of incredulity and acting all cool and sane.

2. If anyone wants to pass and your things are
choking up the pavement, grin and say hello, good
evening, like you're a normal, unweird person.

3. Pick everything up as fast as you can, and fumble
with the stupid wire of the ipod which is always tangled.

4. If your book falls off the file, which is veryvery likely,
be careful not the drop the stuff in your file while bending.

5. Try to stuff the earpuffys in your ears while half balancing
eveything and taking a huge risk of eveything falling out again.

6. Eveything, sadly, does fall out, leaving you in a pissed
state, and while bending to pick those, the ear puffys fall
out of your ears, falls to the ground, dragging the Ipod with
it, and the thing blacks out.

7. Feel more pissed and everyone at the nearby busstop is
staring with their toobigeyes. Wave and grin. Shout im okay!
So no one will come over and help.

8. Pick up Ipod, stuff into PE pants pocket which makes the
pants lopsided to ones side, hope like crazy it's still working,
and walk home.

9. Regrets the Music Urge.

My sister is going crazy.
Shes going

Oooh, i cryy so loudd, and my mummies say
no im not retatrded, and i cry and cry, but i am
feeling verys sad!

Oh my little goodness me, its all about wennies.
Oh my little dearies me.

Chuggiewuggies is so meanies to poor mes.

Something like that in a funny voice.
I am disgusted.

But it is really funny.
Im holding all the laughter in, my stomach could

I cant take it.

*Choke choke*

I have to go to the toilet and laugh at her.
Im not laughing at her in her face.

It would give her too much satisfaction.
She would do it all the time.

And it is, very disgusting.


I have laughed so much i think i am crying.

I shall go do 26 pages of history.
I am deeply saddenly by this pile of things.

I shall, while completing the pile,
think of a funny parts to contribute to Ashu's
Romance Show.

He seemed stuck on that, and does not consider
my Superhero idea. I think he might not consider
Barney as a special appearance then.


Which is not confirmed.

And Andre, pronouced On-Drae, cool or what, his
podcast thingy, which i may or may not be going to.
I hardly know what it is.

Sirin seems to though, shes going.
Its some radio recording thing.


I miss Nat.

-Stand By Me, Ben.E King

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