Saturday, January 06, 2007

CCA fair.
I woke at 830 then rush down to school.
Met Sirin, and Tricia.
Sit around, then give out little pegs and cloths and pins to the Sec1s, till 1045.

The Sec 1s are kinda cute. Like friendly and pretty. Well, some anyway. Our school needs more pretty people, so says Sirin.

Me and Nat walk around cliping the Track soveniers on people and telling them Track Helps You To Grow Taller to short people, Track Helps You To Keep Fit to plumpish people, Track Helps You To Run For Orange Bowl to random people.

Later i see the YCS group and there are these group of guys promoting it. I was like, MAN, I'VE BEEN IN YCS FOR SO LONG AND I HAVE NEEVR SEEN THESE GUYS BEFORE.

I decide i need to get to know more people who believe in God, and stuff. I then resolve to go for YCS camps and attend the meetings more often. I've been missing so many, cause of remedials. You wont believe how many i have. Geez.

Then Sirin and me go to Macs to eat abit. These weird kids beside us were creeping me out. The small guy was going CRRRRCHRR at me and Sirin. And his kid sister was copying his every move.

Then the boy would make this freaky face at us and keep going CRRRRCHHRR at us and it was damn stupid. I was laughing my ass off but then after a while, they kept at it and the boy kept coming closer and his face was all contorted and crappy.

Then it got creepy. Then their maid went, KIIWII! EDDNAA. STOP THAT!

Almost killed myself laughing. Kiwi? Edna? (or something like that) No wonder...

Sirin was tlling me about how hot Hugh Jackman was, and how much she loved Wolverine, and how I had to tell Susie that she was Flash and i was Magneto.

Crazy. She'll transform into My Sassy Neighbour, i tell her. That horrible show with Patricia Mok wearing that disgustingly freaky swimmingcostumey thingy.

Which is red.


When i walk home i am wishing some radioactive spider will come bite me. I will then turn into some SuperpowerGirl who has ubercool powers.

Then i see some white thing with legs floating toward me. Im thinking ehmahtian, its the spider! So i catch it, but it flattens, into a pathetic squashed thingy. I realise it is a dandilion floaty puff. I am sad.

As i think about the squashed dandillion floaty puff, a car almost crashed into me. It is scary. I hear, SRRCCCCCCHHHHHH and this car behind me. The guy sticks his head out of the already open window, and salutes me. And its this super cute Blonde Guy too.

Its my my estate carpark, so im thinking he probably lives here, though i've never seen him before. The guys in the back of his car were like, laughing away at him and stuff.

They were all Blonde Guys too.

It was a crazy day, with Superheros and Blonde Guys, and YCSers and Sirins and Radioactive dandilillon floaty puffs and near death experiences.

-Its My Life. Bon Jovi

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