Thursday, January 18, 2007

500 Internal Server Error

Sorry, something went wrong.
A team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with this situation.

I was surfing the net and then the com went
crazy and this popped out.

S'no joke man.
Highly trained monkeys indeed.

Oh, and.
My friend got The DeathNote Notebook.
Yeah the wanted, till i saw the price and the names
in the book.

Plus my mom would have killed me.
Its So Evil, That Show
I Mean, DEATHNOTE, Even The Title Sounds Horrid.

The notbook lloks kinda fake, but the names and rules..
Freaky i tell you.
Damn straight.

Yeah, but the notebook itself it cool.
Its leatherish and had all the Rules For Use.
Its crazy interesting, the rules.
Those not mentioned in the movie are all listed.

Oh yeah,

I really cooked somthing eatable and not instantnoodles
or egg.

I made *ahemahem*
Oh shit i forgot what its called.

Oh yeah, Thosai.
It looked damn good.
Me and Cra were partners. Agaaain.

You know i bet we have some fate thing.
Last year for Chinese Lit, through the whole year
i was sitting next to her. In index number, we sat.

The teachers were ready to kill us.
We made a racket.
We laughed at the old men in funny suits in the olden
We laughed and kicked and talked.

When we laugh, eveyone around us laughs.
Its a chain thing.
Heyheyhey, how bout it.

We got Pan and Luo this year for Clit again and
We're sitting together agaaaiinn. (sings)

When Luo saw i bet she wanted to cry.
Hehs. But seriously, CLit is crazy boring.
No one can sit through it without doing illegal things

Okay, back to the point.
So me and Cara were happily moshing potatos and
anyhow stir frying stuff together and pouring loads
of chilli power and cutting the onoins and ginger into
funny shapes.

We couldnt tell which part of the onions we were
suposed to chop up, it all looked the same so we chopped
the whole onion and dumped eveything in.

Then we made the Thosai skin thing which looked
uncannily like pancake and wraped eveything up.

It looked damn good okay.
But i dont dare to eat it because of all the onion skins
and funny things we might have done accidentally to it.

I might die of food posioning if i eat it so im casing the
Thosai up and labeling it The First Thing I Cooked.

Im so cool. *grins*

Ob-la-di ob-la-da life goes on there,
Lala how the life goes on,
Obladi oblada life goes on there,
Lalala how life goes on
-Ob la di-Ob la da. Marmalade

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Well said.