Thursday, January 04, 2007

4th Day Of Year 2007.

I have a feeling that wasn't how i started.
But that dont really matter.


When you walk home, and its 6 plusplus, and its just rained a little, the sky's still darky cloudy, looks like it gonna rain like crazy soon, and you're rushing home before the floodgates open, everywheres wet, everywheres deserted, and your legs are killing you.

What do you do?

Look into the sky. Watch the dark clouds swirl in a mix of black, grey, white. I think its pretty.

I was rushing home, and then i looked up, and then i saw.
It was really really pretty.
So i lifted my head the whole way home, but then, i kept tripping over my shoes.

No body was around anyway.
So there i was, starring into the sky, rushing along, with a horribly amazed face like i've never seen a cloudy sky before, tripping over my feet, and watching the clouds go by.

Yeah i am flying in an aeroplane,
looking out the window,
watching the coulds go by
-Barney and Friends.

Im aspiring to be a photographer, but its proving difficult. I tried to find a class in the internet. I got all the shit you dont wanna know about.

I wanna take pictures of the sky. Beautiful sky. Dark sky, light sky. Pretty much like people, if you think about it.

When you're moody, you go black. People are afraid of angering you. They shy away. Then the tears come.

When you're happy, light shines like a ray of happiness and everyone catches on.

When you're too TOO crazy, and start bugging everyone, too bright. People find you irritating. They go away.

I wanna see the countryside, real countrysides.
I wanna live in the countryside for a while. Its so nice to wake up to such fresh green, amazingly refreshing air, and blueblue sky, and great people.
I wanna go to Melbourne to study, i wanna meet new people, i want a little change.
I wanna take pictures of waves, of water.
I wanna take great pictures, i wanna show them to everyone.

I wanna go around the world, i wanna see Icehotel, Underwater Hotel, Space Hotel.
I wanna go to Spain, to Perth, to Tokoyo.

I wanna go with friends.
I wanna go with the people i love.

Maybe, just maybe, i wanna go alone.

I never actually thought about being a photographer till my mom showed me this web where you post your pictures you take, and if those magazines, or anyone wants to use it, they pay.

I wasnt interested, till my mom saied he earned like, $100 that month. Damn, easy money or what? Do the thing you love to do, share them on cyberspace, and get paid.

Wah. So i went to check out the pictures. There're millions and millions, and they were so beautifully taken i was admiring them the whole day, i liked pictures of water best.

After that, i wanted so much, so much to beable to take like that.

I aspire to be a sailor.
I aspire to be a pilot.
I aspire to Travel Around The World and take amazing pictures.

Im getting all freaky.

Ah well.
Im still thinking about how to meet L.

And i wanna be a scriptwriter too!
Wont that be fun, to see one of your stories, become a movie, acted by uberhot Ls and Junkis.

I wish.. i wish.. i wish.. i wis...

-Tokoyo Drift

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