Friday, December 15, 2006

Today i skipped track cause i felt like crap.
I was puking like mad and i had this crazy stomachache.

Im fine now tho.

-Continued/ Day 3-

Yah. So i was sitting behind Wei, freaking out in case he crashed or something. But then i wanted to drive damn badly, so i wasnt really thinking straight.

We looked SERIOUSLY wrong. But anyway, moving on. Wei was driving about the fastest cause we were the first ATV behind the guide. Then we saw elephants. Its one thing to see them from afar, or sit on them, since you're not really seeing thier huge trunks.

Its a whole different thing to be sitting on the ATV seeing these huge elephants lumbering along freakishly close to you. Plus one of the elephants stuck its huge hairy trunk at me. I tell you, i screamed. I screamed like hell.

ATV is short for All-Terrain Vehicle, i just remembered. The ride was bumpy as hell. S'pecially on the rocky parts. Was waving to people in the little houses and in the vans that passed us.

Dad taught me to drive when we had the break (yes, the ride was about 2hrs, and yes, we need a break in between) then it was my turn, to drive, that is. Helluva fun time. I bet Wei was scared shit. I mean, if i was behind me, i would be. He was controling most of the time anyway.

Down the slopes and eveything, he helped me break, thankgod. My fingers were cramping up too. How they drive for so long, damn, it must be a miracle.

So i climbed back behind him.

We were thinking about how much Bing and BQ was missin out. But they were in Aussie anyway. SO THERE. Huh. *gloatgloat* Still sad that they missed it tho. Sigh.

Then, -here comes the good part- Wei pointed out this dog and chicken and they were living together in harmony and it was cool. His words excally. Guess what, i turned and looked, and he crashed into one of the little houses.

My goodness. That was cool. When he went screeching off the path and crashed into the house, i was thinking, man, im dreaming. Couldnt scream in time, cause i suppose i wasn't scared. I told you i have something wrong with me. Then this woman came rushing out shouting like crazy.

Lucky Wei braked in time else the house and the ATV woulda probably perished. Along with my money. And Weis. Or worse still, us.

Then their whole family came out to watch the guide drag the ATV back on course. Ohboy, that was cool. Wei kept saying i shoulda screamed so he would wakie up. Heck, i would have too, i wonder why i didnt, seriously. So i drove for awhile in case he was still in shock.

In any case, i wasnt. I was freaking high. Excitement does that to me. When he drove again he was swerving all over. But that was on purpose, to freak me out. Yeah it did, i was clinging on for my dear life.

Later, after that, everyone wanted to know what happened and everything. Then we went White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting
Damn, yeah that was fun. Me and dear saw this super cool looking Thai guy who looked damn young. AND he was one of the guides too, which meant he had muscles. *Swoooon*

We had to row and everything, much more fun than the bamboo crap. Plus our raft got stuck and the boat started flooding faster than you could think, and everyone on my raft was freaking out and everything.

Then the guide on my boat made us crowd to one side, push, pull and all that. Nothing worked. The water was up to our hips. Honestly, I wasnt scared.

My sister, on the other hand was probably so scared i think she was gonna puke. The water was absolutely FREEZING and it was so refreshing i was playing around abit. The rescue team came after awhile, and thats when the cool Thai guy came to save us.

He was skimming the rocks like a pro and then got to us first while the others stayed at bank waiting to be needed. He was topless which made him look cool with the lifejacket.

I swear, he looked probably a little older then us only. Thats damn young.
So then Me, Dear and my sis stood on a rock (like in the movies) and i was freezing crap.

Then they managed to dislodge the raft after about 30 mins. Yeah im not kidding, it took that long. Confusing procedure i will not explain.

Then we rowed till we ached and it was the life.

Momo was pronuced dead today.

Day 4/ Shopping


But the Flower thing.. It was such a waste of time. Plus, i almost killed myself in the heat. Okay think scorching. Then think stading in the microwave. Then think my skin getting tanner which is actually possible, i realised that day.

Yah. In all, it kinda, well er... I didnt like it. Not at all.

We went to shop later. The aircon was such a relief. Me, Dear and Wei Plus Dan and Mark for awhile, walked around talking amazingly loud and causing excitement for people around us. We skated on the uberslipperly floor and talked about everything under the scorching, burning, mean, sun.

We went to a facial cause it was much cheaper there. Ahhh. That was nice. Tho i didnt really see the difference. Or the point.

All in all, we prob wasted the whole day there cause we just about didnt buy anything at all. We were finding something for Bing and BQ but clips and earrings didnt seem fitting.

But wasted isnt really the word. We probably bonded so much more than we could ever have in the 12plus years we knew each other for. If you think about it, almost eveytime we meet we scream and shout and push and play. And when we're not, our parents are almost always there.

Its hard to talk like that. Shopping works, really.

Then we got laughed in the face cause the other group, QianYi, Nao and my sister got bought so many things. One of which a toe ring for the three of them.

Some friendship toe ring. *sniff* Ha. But we got neoprints instead. Thats cooler i told them. No, that dont count as counterattackting they tell us. Their neoprint there isnt really neoprint. Its kinda like a camera. It is a camera, in fact. Then you press enter and then the snaps.

Its silly but its only 3 bucks. So ahwell. Dan was making stupid faces. It was damn cute.

Momo Reborn

Day 5.

We go home.
Wake early as hell and make for the airport.
In the plane we discuss a new CounterAttact.


Drama, drama.

Anyway. Yeah.
Then Dear and I decorated Wei's book for him.
Proclaiming my greatenss, ectect.

We go to Macs to eat in the airport.
Eurgh, maybe it was the Macs food.

DiFong came to get us in our car.

Wish i were still there.


Im thinking why would anyone read such a looong post.
And im wondering why i typed it.

Its probably for myself, since i dont have a diary.
Plus i like blogging alot more than diary.

So. Im just going to ignore Nao's Blogging Is A Watse Of Time thing.

I will I will I will I will.

-No Doubt. Underneath It All

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